Things To Say To Your Boyfriend – Communicate With That Special Someone

Finding a man who makes you happy is important. Love is one of the most powerful emotions out there, so finding a guy who can illicit that emotion is great. We all want to be happy and we all want to make others happy, so finding someone that you can accomplish both those tasks with is important.

Since you want to make your boyfriend happy you may be wondering what to do. Well there are a lot of ways to make your boyfriend happy, and it depends on your boyfriend what works. However there are also very easy and simple ways of making his day. Sweet things to say to your boyfriend can be all it takes to make him happy.

When in a loving relationship, both you and your boyfriend know you love each other. You do not need to be told that. However that does not mean you do not want to be told that. You want him to tell you he loves you, how much you mean to him. Well he wants you to do the same thing. What you say is up to you, since only you know what your boyfriend wants to hear. But there are some basic lines out there that can help you get on the right track.

1. "You make me happy." It is true, isn't it? We are taught all our life to just tell the truth, so what better things to say to your boyfriend then the truth? If he makes you happy, then tell him that.

2. "You're so cute when you do that." Guys like having their ego stroked. They will often have this little thing they do, whether just a habit or as a means of trying to make you happy. Maybe when he gets frustrated he furrows his brow in such a way, or maybe he'll give you a cocky little grin.

If he does something you find cute, then let him know. It will be a massive boon to his ego to know he is impressing you, whether intentionally or not.

3. "I'm glad I fell in love with you." Sometimes men can get a little insecure in a relationship. They wonder if they are doing enough, making you happy. So telling them that you are grateful you fell in love with them can be all it takes to remove their doubts and and lift their spirits.

4. "I can't wait to see you again." Whether you are talking on the phone or about to part ways, this simple phrase can carry a lot of weight. It will make him think of you and want to be with you, as he knows you are feeling the same way.

5. "I love you." The simplest things to say to your boyfriend are always the best. These three simple words carry a lot of punch and will instantly make him happy. He knows you love him but to hear you say it just means a lot to him. Sometimes we simply want to hear our loved ones say that they love us back, hearing it out loud just seems to make it more real.


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