Young Women For Older Guys-Can Be Challenge In A Lot Of Areas

Dating young women is a particular challenge for guys. If you are dating women who are under the age of 25 and you are 7 or more years older than she is, you need to read this article on dating young women.

There is a stereotype that women who date older men are gold diggers. But, this applies to very few women. Actually, many young women are just out to have a good time. They are not looking for marriage. If you happen to be attracted to a younger woman, you need to play into this "good time image."

Younger women are more whimsical, flirty, passionate, and romantic than their older sisters. They're less ready to settle down and have children. You will get a lot of mileage out of having a youthful outlook. Being recklessly spontaneous, maintaining a high level of energy, and focusing on the emotional connections will go a long way to helping you with dating young women.

To this end, you can't be emotionally needy when dating young women. For instance, if you were dating a woman near your own age, you would pick up the phone every time she called. You might return her text within 5 minutes. A younger woman doesn't need this kind of intensity. You can wait to return a text or let a call go to voice mail.

Many men who are dating young women are conscious of the age difference and are insecure about being older. This will actually hasten the break up. Don't bring up the issue of age unless she does. Also, don't make cracks about her youth or about "cradle snatching." Don't refer to yourself as her "daddy." When you are unfazed about the age difference, she will be too.

As an older man, you have several advantages over the frat boy guys she is used to dating.

You have more experience. You are interested in things beyond the latest video game release. You make more money and can take her to more upscale places.

You are also more sexually sophisticated. You will know how to satisfy her in bed and be more in tune with her needs.

Men mature more slowly than women, which may be why so many young women look to date older men. They are looking for someone in their same range of emotional development.

Dating young women isn't just a modern thing either. In every society across all time, there has been a gap in the average age of coupling men and women. While in the United States right now, that gap is a mere 2 years, in many societies that gap ranges from an average of 5 to 15 years.

If you are interested in dating young women be aware that there are challenges posed because of societal expectations and conditioning. However, there are many advantages to dating young women.


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You Deserve An Apology-A True Apology

You know, there are times when you deserve an apology from someone, but you may want to be careful what you wish for.

I just finished reading a very well written article about the various ways people use apologies.

Yes, I said "use". The author made some very intuitive comments about the way we phrase our apologies and the end result we expect from the so called apologies.

So, you deserve an apology, but you should pay attention to what the apology actually says… it can be quite an eye opener.

You have probably experienced many of these so called apologies yourself over the years…

The apology that actually blames you for the situation in the first place. Something along the lines of "Honey, I know I shouldn't have said those things but you made me so mad"

How many times have you heard a version of that "apology" from your significant other during the course of your relationship?

If you are like most of us the answer would probably be "more than I can count".

Or, almost as good, the apology that is nothing more than an excuse wrapped in an apology: "I know I promised you I would stop by the grocery store on my way home but I had one heckuva day".

Again, no where is there any type of apology in there. I'm pretty sure that not only have most of us gotten that type of "apology" most of us have probably used that type of apology too! I'm sorry.

And, one of my personal favorites, the "non-apology", where you just know that they aren't really sorry at all. You know the kind, someone says "I'm sorry for doing that….but…"

Like, "I'm sorry I didn't get your Valentines day gift to you on time, but I've been busy"

You know, they would have had you at "I'm sorry". Too bad many of us just don't know when to stop!

I hope that, for the most part, you have people in your life who are willing to offer you sincere apologies when you deserve one.

Nothing is worse than having someone do something to hurt you and they don't even acknowledge the damage they have done.

If you are in a relationship with an apology challenged person, perhaps you can re-train them.

Maybe you can show them that one of the biggest signs of respect they can give someone is to offer a sincere apology when they mess up.

It doesn't matter if it is a big offense or a relatively minor one, if they have done something or said something they should not have, and caused another person pain or discomfort they need to apologize.

After a little practice they may just learn what many of us have already learned; while apologizing and admitting you were wrong may not be easy, it can feel really good when you do and get the guilt off your chest.

It can also feel really good when the person you apologized to has offered you their forgiveness.

You deserve an apology, and hopefully you will get it in a sincere fashion. If not, there is always the next time!


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You Are Haunted By Partners Past

One thing that often happens, especially at the beginning of a new relationship, is that you are haunted by partners past. It can happen slowly and be very subtle or it can hit you like a freight train. Either way it is unsettling.

Truthfully I can't think of many things that stink more than thinking you are finally over your ex and ready to move on and meet someone great then wham, there it is. You find yourself remembering all the good times you and your ex used to have.

Right when you think you are ready to move on and start over you (again) find you are haunted by partners past.

But what do do if that happens? Or, more importantly, how can you make sure that that never happens? Well, to be honest I'm not sure you can ever totally guarantee that it will never happen.

I think the best we can do is to acknowledge that it is a possibility and try to prevent it from happening as much as possible. But, you may be wondering, what can you do to make sure it won't happen, or at least minimize the chances it will happen?

Here are some tips that may help you diminish the chance of these "ghosts" from relationship past haunting your next relationship:

1. The first one, also the most obvious, is to be as honest with yourself as possible and make sure that you really are over your ex. At this stage you might have the worst of the pain behind you and you may be ready to start to live again.

That can be a tricky time though, because when you get to this point you still may not be ready but you may want to be ready so you convince yourself you are.

One great way to honestly determine if you are ready to start dating is ask your friends. Ask them for their totally honest opinion.

They will pick up on all the times you still talk about your ex or other hints that you may drop that indicate you really aren't over your ex and ready to date again.

These things may not be as apparent to you as they are to your friends and family so that is where you should start.

2. How often do you still think about your ex? Only you can honestly answer this. If you are still thinking about them several times a day you are most likely not ready to date quite yet.

Waiting until you are truly ready is the best way to ensure that you can totally commit to your new love and leave your old love where it belongs… in the past.

3. And one last point, make sure that you aren't comparing one love with the other. You have changed and the person you are dating is not the same person you were dating before. They will most likely have some similarities since you will be attracted to some of the same traits, but they are different people.

Learn to embrace the differences and not continually compare one to the other. Maybe the old love wasn't that great after all since the two of you couldn't make it work. Maybe the traits of the new person will actually be a better fit for you – be willing to give them a chance.

These tips may make it easier for you to move on completely so you are haunted by partners past no more.


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Women Dating Younger Guys-Brides Older Than Grooms

Mature women dating younger guys is a trend that has just started to pick up steam, but it is not going away any time soon. In fact, more than a quarter of today's brides are older than their grooms.

Celebrity culture has played into this in part. Many well known actresses such as Demi Moore, Madonna, and Susan Sarandon have married younger men. These women have put their stamp of approval on the mature women dating younger men concept.

But, society has changed as well. Not too long ago, women married young and marriages were for life. The nuclear family unit was the basis for society and anything that deviated from this norm was shunned. Therefore, there weren't many opportunities for mature women dating younger men.

But, since divorce has become more prevalent, there are any number of women in their late 30s and 40s who are looking for partners. When they look at men their own age, they often don't like what they see.

First of all, men who are in this age range are caught up in their own careers and interests. They are less likely to be supportive of a woman's career. Because women have moved into managerial and entrepreneurial roles, they sometimes need partners who can be "the man behind the woman." Men their own age are reluctant to take on this role.

Also, mature women dating men their own age are likely to be disappointed in the sex. A woman peeks sexually in her late 30s. Well into her 40s, she is in her sexual prime. A man, however, begins to loose steam at this age. He's just not able to keep up with her surging needs.

Younger men find these women, newly confident in their sexual prowess, to be very attractive. Mature women know what they want in bed and can communicate that to their lovers.

Mature women dating younger men can also provide the guys with a sense of financial stability that allows the men to take risks with their careers. One younger man was able to pursue a career as a concert pianist because his older woman lover was able to cover their living expenses while he became known in his field. Other men have been able to pursue graduate school or start businesses due to the financial support of their older girlfriends.

Women have, for years, benefitted from the generosity of older partners. Now, men are able to do so as well.

If you want to meet a person outside your own age range, you have to go where they are. For instance, a mature woman wanting to date a younger man may want to join a gym. A younger man looking for a professional woman might join a tango class. There are also places for such couples to meet online. The term for this is cougar dating.

Expect that the trend of mature women dating younger men to grow as society's expectations about sex roles evolve.


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Will You Be My Valentine-Dont Scare Him Off

You like this guy and are wondering how to ask, "Will you be my Valentine?" Love abounds this time of year and if you want to get to know someone new you need to slow down and breathe. It is exciting, I know, but if you rush right in and try to push yourself on him he will only be scared off.

My first piece of advice for you is to try to get to know him first. Your crush is cute but you do not even know if he knows you are alive.

If you really want to know how to ask a guy, "Will you be my Valentine?", you should probably introduce yourself first. Try casual conversation, at first and then find out if he is single or not. If he is then feel free to pursue him. Gently.

Once he realizes you might just be the woman of his dreams you can start planning how to tell him how you feel about him. You can plan the perfect date to celebrate the day of love and tell him over dinner. Just try to make sure the whole evening is perfect and you two are alone or in a quiet place so there are no distractions. Bring him a small gift that will remind him of you every time he sees it.

Hopefully, he will respond in kind since the two of you are out on a date together on this special day. Do not be pushy or come off as needy but when you are talking about your feelings, tell him you want the two of you to be exclusive. No dating other people. If he agrees then you have got yourself a new man.

When professing your feelings for someone, you might want to start off slowly and take your time. You might start the conversation with how nice you think he is and that being with him makes you happy. Just go with the flow of the day and when the time comes the words will be there.

Pay close attention to his face and eyes when you tell him how you feel. The eyes will tell you everything you need to know. If he is happy that you have these strong feelings then his eyes will light up and he will probably grab you up and plant a nice kiss on you.

If he is not so happy with this revelation then he will probably look down and away and do all he can to get away from you. This could also mean that you have blind-sided him and he needs some time to get his head around the idea. Give him his space and let him have the time to think things through.

You will be sitting on pins and needles until he gets back to you. Hopefully he will and then the two of you can have a wonderful relationship. And think it all started because you asked, "Will you be my Valentine?"


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Which Online Dating Service-Specialize In What Women Need

Years ago, dating services were thought to be the last hope for the desperately lonely or those who might be considered "difficult" when it came to finding a mate. Such services had a sometimes negative perception, even though that perception probably wasn't warranted. Men once dominated the client lists at matchmaking businesses and that imbalance made matching even more difficult, and when it came to a dating service women apparently would more likely have relied on their friends than they would a paid consultant. The Internet has changed all of that.

These days, people are busier than ever before. Demands on our time have increased dramatically, and modern singles who are looking for a potential date are more likely to try and get help with their search than in the past. While dating services often took the scattershot approach in years gone by, today there are many choices online for a dating service women might be interested in choosing to help them meet qualified potential dates. Fifteen or twenty years ago, most offline dating services weren't very specialized, and the ones that were often focused on the high-income market as their primary specialty. In general, dating services of old cast a broad net in an effort to reel in as many potential clients as possible. That's basically because such services were largely regional, relying solely on the pool of potential clients located in their immediate physical area.

Specialization is key to the success of the online dating services, and in particular in developing a dating service women would select to represent them. No longer is the simple broad matching, scattershot date selection an acceptable solution for the busy woman. A simple online search will reveal how specialization has affected the dating industry. Not only will you find the broad-based dating companies that mirror the offline matching service model, but now you'll also find far more very specialized "niche" dating services that cater to individual lifestyles, life stages, or tastes.

Results are what matters most in date matching services, and specialization makes it easier for an online dating service to be effective and profitable.

In the modern online dating world there will be a dating service women would choose for any specialty: some focus on young daters, others focus on professionals, still others may opt to specialize in finding dates in a particular ethnic space, or others may focus on more mature singles. In short, women seeking help in developing a qualified dating pool will find that they need not cast only a broad net, but using the 'net they can be very selective in exactly the sort of potential date they're interested in locating.

All in all, today's online dating offerings provide a wide variety of excellent specialized date matching options, and certainly enough variety to ensure that there will be a dating service women would select to help them find the date of their dreams.


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Valentine And Dating-Planning Ahead Make It Less Stressful

Asking someone to be your Valentine and dating should be fun, not stressful. There can be a lot of pressure when trying to ask someone out for the first time but the best thing you can really do is just relax and be yourself. As long as you focus on spending the day enjoying just being together and having fun, not much can go wrong .

One easy way to decrease the amount of stress you feel with your new Valentine and dating is to plan ahead. If you are sure she will say yes to your invitation, go ahead and make those reservations at the restaurant you wish to go to well in advance of the day in question. If they are booked, try some more until you find one that can accept your reservation. If you wait until the last minute you may find you can't get in anywhere.

If you are planning a quiet night in with a home cooked meal, wine and candlelight make sure to practice beforehand. Make the meal you choose once or twice beforehand so you can be sure to have everything ready on time. The more sure you are of yourself, the less stress you will feel that you can actually pull it off and you will be able to enjoy yourself more.

When you make your invitation, do it either in person or with a phone call. Do not ever de-personalize this by texting or sending an email because you are too nervous to do it any other way. She will most likely decline your invitation if you choose to text her or email her. Once she accepts your invitation it is acceptable to confirm things by either of these methods as long as you both agree to it.

There are a number of things you will need to keep in mind when you plan to make a romantic, home cooked meal.

First, ask her if she has any food allergies. This is important, you do not want to have her have an allergic reaction to something you make and end up in the emergency room.

Next, make sure you have all the ingredients on hand so you are not running out at the last minute to try to find something you forgot. This includes the table setting. A well set table should have; a nice table cloth and napkins, matching plates and silverware, stemware for the wine, a centerpiece, candles (and something to light them with) and candle holders.

Make sure you get some advice about what wine to serve with the meal you are planning and then chill the wine in advance. You can find this information online or you can go to your local liquor store and ask someone there to recommend something.

Also, if you know the type of music she likes then have it playing when she walks in the door. Otherwise, choose something soft and romantic to have playing in the background. If you have one, start a fire in the fireplace, as well.

Keep in mind that even though you plan everything out to the letter things can still go wrong. Reservations get lost and food gets burned. Having a plan B is a good idea. Even if plan B is just winging it. Who knows, your Valentine and dating could just turn out to be quite an adventure.


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The Anxiety Of Seniors Dating-Get Rid Of It

Just because you've reached retirement age doesn't mean you've got to retire from an active social life. Mature dating is one of the hottest trends these days, especially when you consider how much more vital and healthy today's senior citizens have become. Years ago, people in their sixties may have been relegated to the old folks homes, but that isn't the case any longer. Instead, retirement aged people are enjoying a long and healthy social life, thanks to advances in health care and the fact that people are living longer, happier lives.

Hey, if you're a senior and returning to an active social life for the first time in years, you may think that you've been left behind. That isn't the case at all. Even though you may feel like you're a little bit "rusty" when it comes to dating, you shouldn't hesitate to enter the mature dating scene and kick your personal relationships into high gear. To help, we're offering these three top tips for mature dating:

1. At this stage in your life the pressure is off, so don't pressure yourself. Think about it: you're an active and vital senior citizen, and these days many of the things that may have consumed much of your life are behind you. If you're retired, then you no longer face the daily grind at work, meaning you have the opportunity to explore a mature dating relationship that allows you to spend even more quality time with your potential mate. Don't pressure yourself, instead take advantage of the fact that certain pressures — like work or career — are now behind you.

2. Don't worry about your age. Age is nothing more than a number. You've heard the old expression that "you're as young as you feel" and that's absolutely true. Think about the fact that you have the opportunity to enjoy many, many more active years and more exciting personal relationships. When you think about putting together a date with another senior, consider doing more active things like golf or tennis or even a trip to the gym. Let's face it, no matter your age, being in great shape is important, and that goes for the mature dating relationship as well.

3. Don't be afraid of technology. Computers, the Internet, cell phones, and all sorts of new technology is around us and we're exposed to it more and more every day. You'd be surprised how many people entering the mature dating scene are using technology to help them find a suitable partner. Whether it be an online dating site or simply chatting someone up via e-mail, technology is nothing to be afraid of and in fact may help you boost your ability to attract another person.

Sixty is the new forty, and mature dating is one of the things that today's seniors can experience and enjoy. Don't be afraid to take a chance on a new relationship, and follow these three top tips to help you have success.


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Teenage Dating Avice For Todays Time

The world of teenage dating has changed a lot in recent years, but for all of those changes there are still many things that have remained the same. This article is written for parents who are looking for advice on teenage dating, but teenagers will find there is a lot of good stuff in it for them as well. You, as a parent, may wish to read it first, and then give it to your teen. After you have both read it, you will be able to use it as the basis of a conversation.

The best time to start preparing for your teen's dating is when they are toddlers. That idea may sound odd, but it makes sense when you think about it. The key is to make sure anything you discuss is appropriate for their age. You should also be aware of the lessons you are teaching your children. Remember, kids learn way more from what you do than from what you tell them.

What if you hadn't thought about it then, and they are ready to date now? Don't worry, there is still plenty of advice for teenage dating that can help them navigate through the choppy waters.

1. You need to trust them. It's not easy to let your teenager start dating. After all, you are worried about what they are up to when you are not there to keep an eye them. Even worse, you remember all too vividly what you were like when you were a teenager, and you can't imagine them doing some of the same things. However, if you have brought them up right, and they are generally honest, then you need to trust them to make good decisions.

2. Set limitations. Let's face it, teens do not like rules. What you may not know is that they actually like them, but only when you disguise them as limitations. Growing up is confusing, and they want to test boundaries, but they also like having some direction as they go down the road of life. Set limitations on what's acceptable and what isn't. For example, if you don't believe in sex until after marriage, then let them know how you feel and why. If you understand premarital sex may happen, then you need to set clear guidelines on the use of contraception. In both cases, you need to do your best to drive home the concept of responsibility.

3. Find out why they want to date. Chances are good that you are making assumptions about why your teenager wants to start dating. Maybe it's because they need a release for all of those pent-up hormones, or maybe they just think it's what they should be doing. Of course, it's entirely possible that they have strong feelings for somebody that they consider special.

This is only the start when it comes to advice for teenage dating. Luckily, there are some top-notch resources to help you and your teen get through an important time in their lives.


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Start The New Year With A Different Dating Approach

Hey, it's a whole new year and if one of your resolutions was to start the New Year with a different dating approach, this article may just be able to help.

There are many things you can change if you want to start the New Year with a different dating approach. I guess the first step would be to figure out which behaviors, concerning your dating habits, you want to change.

Taking some time to determine where you are "going wrong" so that you can make the necessary changes makes sense. You can't just flail around making one change after another, you have to take a far more objective approach so that you don't stop doing the things that you should be doing.

So, try these tips to help you identify where you may be going wrong so you can make changes:

1. If you simply aren't sure what mistakes you are making in your dating life, ask your friends and family. They will be happy to tell you. As a matter of fact, they probably already have, you just might not have wanted to listen to them.

If someone you trust tells you that you are too quick to settle for someone or that you are too prone to ignoring warning signs early in the relationship, you should listen.

This is exactly the type of constructive criticism you can learn from and use it as a foundation to change your outlook and approach to dating.

2. If you can, you may want to consider a few visits to a counselor. Some people get insulted by this type of suggestion, they view it as a sign that they are doing something wrong.

But going to a counselor is just a way for you to get some advice from someone who is totally objective. Even the best meaning of your friends can't be totally objective.

That doesn't mean that you aren't getting good advice from your friend, it just means that a counselor can add another element. Heck, your friends may very well be making the same mistakes you are so it may be a case of the blind leading the blind.

That is far less likely to happen if you are seeing someone who is professionally trained to help you diagnose issues that you may have in regards to your relationships.

3. Once you've identified some of the least helpful aspects of your dating life, you need to set up a specific game plan to make changes. For most of us, it's not enough to just say "I need to make changes".

For the most part, if we aren't specific we won't get results. So try, and ask your friends and/ or counselor for help with this, to make a specific plan to make changes.

For example, lets say that you are too prone to move too quickly. Why not make a "pact" with yourself that you won't talk about taking your relationship to the next level for at least 2 months. Or you will wait until your partner brings it up.

See, that is something very specific you can do to help you stop doing the destructive things you have been doing in your relationships.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your goal to start the New Year with a different dating approach. It is a worthy goal and with these tips it may just be an easier goal to keep then you thought it would be.


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