How To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

Oh, there he is again…ooh, you are so nervous…you like this guy and are wondering how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend. When your heart rate gets back to normal, let's talk about this.

My first piece of advice for you is to try to get to know him a little bit. Your crush is cute but you are admiring him from afar at the moment and you do not even know if he knows you are alive.

If you really want to know how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend, you should probably introduce yourself first. Then just play it cool until he sees you for the romantic interest you want to be. This may take some time. Just be patient, remember, good things come to those who wait.

Once he comes around and realizes you might be the woman of his dreams then you can start planning how to tell him what your feelings are. You can plan the perfect date and tell him over dinner or plan a picnic for just the two of you and tell him while drinking the wine. Just make sure everything is perfect and you two are alone or in a quiet place so there are no distractions. Turn your phone off or put in on vibrate.

Hopefully he will respond favorably since the two of you are out on a date together and not just blow you off. If you are just one of many girl he is seeing tell him you want the two of you to be exclusive. No dating other people. If he agrees then you have got yourself a boyfriend.

When professing your feelings for someone and not knowing how they will respond you might want to start off slowly and take your time. You might start with how nice the day is and that being with him makes you happy. Just go with the flow of the day and when the time comes the words will be there.

Pay close attention to his face and eyes when you tell him how you feel. They eyes will tell you everything you need to know. If he is happy that you have these strong feelings then his eyes will light up and he will probably grab you up and plant a nice kiss on you.

If he is not so happy with this revelation then he will probably look down and away and do all he can to get away from you. This could also mean that you have blind-sided him and he needs some time to get his head around the idea. Give him his space and let him have the time to thinks things through.

You will be sitting on pins and needles until he gets back to you. Hopefully he will and then the two of you can have a wonderful relationship. And think it all started because you figured out how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend.


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