Boyfriend And Girlfriend Horoscopes

Theory has it that anyone can get along with anyone else, anytime, anywhere. Depends on how well the two personalities mesh. So it really doesn't matter if two different people with two different and conflicting signs of the Zodiac get together. Their boyfriend and girlfriend horoscopes could help them get along, right?

Sure, the thing is though, conflicting Zodiac signs or boyfriend and girlfriend horoscopes may always find they are at odds with how the other one thinks. People with compatible signs will find they are on a much easier path than those who do not.

Many people rely on the Zodiac for figuring out who they are compatible with. Maybe not as many as there were back in the 60's when the start of every conversation when meeting someone new was, "What's your sign?", but still quite a few people are interested in what the Zodiac can tell them, not only about themselves but about someone they are interested in as well.

In simple form, The Sun signs that are 120 degrees apart on the Zodiac chart are considered harmonious and balanced. Therefore, they should have no problem getting along. So, basically you should get along very well with someone who has the same earth, air, fire, or water sign that you do.

For example, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio are all water signs and should all get along very well. It just so happens that my mother, myself, and my son are all water signs. That would explain why we all get along so well together. I am a Pisces, my mother is a Cancer, and my son is a Scorpio.

Astrology and the Zodiac are all very interesting and if you read through the description of who they say you are you will see some similarities but some things may not exactly fit. You were raised by people, not a chart and so you will not doubt have or share some traits of those who you live with.

The traits you have may also depend on whether or not you are born closer to the cusp of either the previous sign or the subsequent sign on the chart. My mother was born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo so she has some tendencies toward being almost arrogant in some of her thinking and actions. There are also times when she does not think before she speaks and can be very hurtful. She has lost friends because of this trait.

Unless you are schooled in the ways of the chart and all it can tell you you will get confused trying to delve deeper into the Moon signs and Sun signs, and Which number the Moon is in at the moment. It can all be very confusing and overwhelming.

There are people who know their way around a chart and can "do your chart for you". I think it takes sometime to put together and when it is finished they can tell you what is in store for your life. The stars know all type of thing.

Most people are satisfied just reading their boyfriend and girlfriend horoscopes everyday to see the direction their lives are taking.


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