Younger Men Looking For Their Cougar – Dating An Older, Richer Women

If you are one of many younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women) then you are not alone. Cougar dating is huge and not frowned upon as much as it once was. Men do it all the time. They find young women to date and even marry. they leave their wives to do this.

Keep in mind that cougar dating is almost considered a phenomenon in that it has become very popular amongst younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women). But guys, the term cougar does not necessarily mean rich, older woman, it just means an experienced, older woman. She can be rich, and I guess that would be another perk of getting to know her.

Some younger men who find their rich, experienced cougar may be considered by many to be a kept man. If this does not deflate the ego of the young man then there really is no problem, is there? This relationship may not last long and maybe it wasn't meant to but if he is getting everything he needs and wants then what would be his motivation for leaving except ego?

Society has not always been so accepting, though. An older woman who was seeing a younger man was accused of taking advantage of him and even publicly scorned. But as with all things the more you see it the more tolerant you become and with the marriage of Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher society loosened it's opinion of older women dating younger men considerably.

If you are a young man reading this article, you may be starting to wonder how you would go about meeting your cougar. All you have to do is join an online cougar dating site and submit your profile. You can then search through listings of hundreds of women in your area looking for a younger man. Or, you could just sit back and let them find you.

These types of relationships used to be called May-September romances. May, because you as the young man are in the springtime of your youth and September, because she is in the fall of hers. Or, maybe they are called that because that is how long they usually last. The key to finding a date is submitting an exceptional profile that the cougars will fawn over.

You cannot expect a relationship like this to last because frankly that is just not what the cougar is looking for. When she was younger she was looking for Mr. Right, now she is just looking for (I love this) Mr. Right Now. Young men are perfect because they are young and virile and if they are good looking and have worked on their body they can be quite the trophy to have on her arm. So, If you are one of many younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women) put your best foot forward and you will find the cougar of your dreams.


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