Our Daughter Wants Her Boyfriend To Move In

You have found the love of your life, gotten married, had kids, live a happy life. But what happens when your daughter grows up and does the same thing? Having your little girl get a boyfriend can be a worrisome experience. You want what is best for her and to protect her, and are wary of handing her over to some guy you do not even know.

What can make this even worse is when your daughter wants her boyfriend to move in. This happens all to often and can cause quite the storm of problems in your household. Obviously you would say no and refuse to let some strange boy live under the same roof as you and your family.

However as absurd as it may seem, it might not be all that bad. While certainly you would need to be careful, learn a bit about him and his situation, find out why he even needs a place to live. However if you take the necessary steps and precautions, it is not all that bad.

If the boyfriend checks out and has a valid reason for needing a place to stay, you could lend him your garage. By keeping him locked out of the main household he poses no real danger to you or your family. And it provides a good way of getting to know him and sizing him up. So while our daughter wants her boyfriend to move in, there are ways to make it work.

You might be shaking your head, thinking you are reading something written by a madman. But I know from life experience that good can come of this situation. When I was younger my sister was in this very situation. She wanted her boyfriend to move in. Now he was a military veteran and due to family problems he needed a place to stay.

Our mother let him live in the garage for several months before allowing him into the actual house. He ended up staying with us for years before eventually marrying my sister. Today they live as a happy couple and are planning to have a child together.

This story obviously does not relate to every circumstance. But it goes to show that allowing your daughter's boyfriend to move in is not always a bad idea. But it also stresses the importance of knowing the situation at hand and being cautious.

Being a military veteran coming from a rough family is one thing. But if your daughter's boyfriend has suspicious reasons then you would be right to turn him away. Or at least investigate to find the truth behind those reasons.

Even though our daughter wants her boyfriend to move in, it is ultimately your household and as great as my story may be, I can not know your situation nor the situation of your daughter's boyfriend. So you must make sure you do what is best for your family.

Just try to remember that it can work out for the best, so do not say no just because you think it is an absurd idea. Make sure to give your daughter's boyfriend a fair hearing, he may very well end up an outstanding individual who really needed a place to stay.


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