Jealousy During The Holidays – Prepare Yourself If You Date A Flirt

If you are dating someone who is prone to being a flirt, than the holidays, and all the parties, can add another element of stress and tension to not only the season, but your relationship as well. With some simple techniques you can learn to deal with jealousy during the holidays in a more constructive manner.

If your relationship is one of a lot of jealousy in general, you may want to ask yourself if it is a healthy relationship. When one, or both, partners get jealous for no reason, there is a problem. They have low self esteem or they have possibly been cheated on in the past and have never really learned to trust again.

Whatever the case, it will make all your relationships more difficult. But, when it comes to jealousy during the holidays the expectation of "perfection" can really seem to magnify your existing problems.

Of course, the choice of whether you feed the jealousy or ignore it is really up to you, but maybe these tips can help:

1. If you are the one who is the flirt, grow up and knock it off. A little bit of flirting every now and then is ok. But, if you go so far as to make your partner feel bad and insecure than you are abusive… period. And, your partner needs to figure out why they allow you to treat them that way.

If the roles are reversed and it's your partner who is the one that seems to delight in flirting and hurting your feelings and making you feel insecure, than there really isn't much you can do about it. Sure, you can talk to them, but my guess is that you've already tried that and it always falls on deaf ears.

And it falls on deaf ears because your partner doesn't care about you and feels better about them self by making you feel worse about yourself. The fact is that they are insecure and the only way they feel good is to see that you are jealous – not the healthiest type of relationship.

2. If you just can't stand the flirting, and talking with our partner doesn't have any effect, and you don't want to end the relationship during the holidays, then the next (and only other option) you have is to just try to avoid any situations where your partner will flirt.

Avoid going to a lot of parties or going out very often. It will make your life a little easier by avoiding the problem in the first place.

No one wants to deal with relationship issues at all, let alone during the holiday season, but if you are involved with someone who gets off on flirting with others and making you jealous, you really have no choice but to deal with it… one way or another.

Jealousy during the holidays can be avoided and the method for dealing with it will vary depending on how you want to handle it. Just remember, that you don't need to let the immaturity of a childish partner ruin your fun this holiday season.


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