Best Places To Date In This Economy- No One Is Worth Full Price

Are you looking for a list of the best places to date in this economy? You are not alone in this. With gas prices hovering right around $4.00 a gallon you can't hardly afford to go to work let alone out on a date. You need to find ways to date for free or, at least, very inexpensively.

The best places to date in this economy are the ones that offer deals like two for one, or buy one at regular price and get the second one half off. These are all good places to check out to save some dough. Some people on a date think that if the one who is paying uses a coupon or looks for a deal is being cheap and they do not think you are worth full price.

Well, honey, let me tell you what…I do not know anyone who is worth full price. Using coupons and getting a good deal is not only a good idea it is the smart thing to do these days. Free is even better. Besides you know you will be completely impressed if he takes you on a romantic stroll down the river walk after he feeds you with a 2 for 1 coupon.

Instead of going home and saying how cheap you though he was, go home and call your mother to tell her you just met a very thrifty guy who does not like to waste money.

Check out the local paper, see what's going on next week that costs very little to do or is free. There is bound to be something for the two of you to do and you should look carefully. He may challenge you to find inexpensive ways and places to go on dates with him. Talk to him and set the dollar limit on what will be spent, make it a game and part of the date.

No one says that you always have to go to dinner and see a movie on your dates. Get creative and find things to do that are out of the ordinary but still interesting and fun to do together.

Instead of going out for your date, why not make some burgers or get some steak with all the fixin's and have a barbeque then play a board game, or card game, or rent some movies and just relax together on the sofa with some wine.

You are limited here only by your own creativity. Plan things out carefully so everything goes off without a hitch. Try to top your dates every week. Or at least make each one as interesting as the last one.

Make a picnic dinner and go sit down by the lake or river on a blanket, bring the bug spray or candles to keep the pests away. If you really put your mind to it you will see you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on your date to have a good time. You will keep more cash in your pocket and still find the best places to date in this economy.


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