Signs Of An Abusive Boyfriend – Is It True Love Is Blind?

Love is blind, a famous saying that proves true all too often. We find a guy that woos us and sweeps us of our feet. We fall head over heels for him and would do anything for him. He is kind, generous, loving, and all around has a great personality.

But while that is all well and good, what we fail to realize is that personality may not be the real him. A lot of people will put up a front and wear a mask for one reason or another, and sometimes this can lead to problems as the real them behind the mask is not the person we fell in love with.

If this is the case, if the real guy hiding behind the facade is not the man that charmed us and made us fall in love, then there might be signs of an abusive boyfriend. If your boyfriend is abusive, there are often tell tale signs that will warn you of this possibility.

1. Does your boyfriend often get jealous? Jealousy is often overlooked in the early stages of a relationship. We think he just cares for us, and often think it is kind of cute how he gets jealous. But this can be a sign that he might be a bit too possessive which could lead to abuse.

2. Does he try to micromanage you? Signs of an abusive boyfriend also include trying to dominate you and make you obey him. If he tries to determine what you wear or how you look, it can be a red flag that he is an abusive man.

3. Has he ever verbally abused you? We all get into fights and say nasty things, that is to be expected. But is it a common occurrence? Does he belittle you in front of others, or for no reason?

4. Has he ever committed violent crimes? When we are young we are stupid, so having a criminal record is no big deal. But if he has committed a violent crime you might want to be a little wary. Although it is only a real concern if he did so on multiple occasions.

5. Does he try to isolate you from friends and family? Abusive boyfriends often employ this tactic to entrap you. If they alienate you from your friends and family, you will be more hesitant to leave the relationship or seek help should it turn sour.

6. Is he violent to animals? Abusive men will often use the weak as a vent for their anger. However it is only one small step from hitting a dog, to hitting you. So if they are willing to inflict harm on a living creature, it will only take a small push to make them shift their focus.

These tips are not the be all end all on signs of an abusive boyfriend. They will not guarantee that your boyfriend will turn out to be abusive. Everyone is different and some people just have their problems. However if you feel these signs apply and that your boyfriend may turn violent and abusive down the road, then it is best to get out before it gets serious.


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