How Much To Spend On Your Valentine

How much to spend on your Valentine depends on what you have planned to celebrate the day. If you are planning dinner, a movie, and a night out on the town then plan on spending several hundred dollars.

You will need to buy flowers and/or a gift to remind her that you think she is the most special woman in your life, as well.

You should work up a budget to know how much to spend on your Valentine well before hand so you can make sure you will not run short. Make a list and include everything from having to get your hair cut to the clothes you will wear to the limo you want to rent for the night.

You should figure dinner at right around one hundred dollars, plus the tip, unless you take her to a really posh place then just add some more to the total you come up with.

Even without a movie thrown in, this night can end up being very expensive. If you do not think you could afford a limo you are still going to want to get your car washed and polished and detailed inside so it is presentable to your date for the night.

A limo would be a nice way to go though, so you could both have some wine or champagne with dinner. No sense taking the chance that you could ruin the night by getting pulled over and arrested because you had a drink or two. Check out limo prices.

If you go to a club to hear and dance to a band later, after dinner, then you may need to pay a cover to get in, and then there will be more drinks. Do yourself a favor and drink a glass of water between every drink to minimize the risk of making a fool out of yourself or just make sure you do not have more than one drink every hour or two. You want this night to end up as romantic as it started so be nice to yourselves.

Put some though into what you should wear on this special night. Ask what color she will be wearing and do something to match. If you are planning on wearing a suit jacket, match your shirt to her dress and include a lapel flower for a nice touch or let her snip off one of the roses you bring her and pin one on you.

Most of all, just have fun with the one you love. Making sure you have enough money budgeted is only the first step in celebrating Valentine's Day. She most likely already knows that you love her but this is the day that most of us love to come around so we can really show just how deeply that love goes.

How much to spend on your Valentine really only depends on the extent to which you celebrate. Flowers and a card might be all you can afford so that is what you spend.


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