Learn To Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

Has the romance in your relationship disappeared? Is it time for a refresher course on how to be romantic with your girlfriend? When you first start dating everything is very romantic – you have candlelit dinners, you send her flowers and text her with love messages. But this is the honeymoon stage and at some point that wears off.

At some point you become so comfortable with you that you are each now a normal part of one another's life. You continue along day after day doing your usual tasks and soon you forget about all those little romantic gestures.

If you haven't sent her flowers for a long time then if you do so now she's going to start getting suspicious and think you're up to something. Although you may see sending flowers as a way to be romantic, at this point in the relationship it may only result in making her suspicious that you have some ulterior motive.

If you really do want to send her flowers then it's best to send them home or even bring her a bunch of flowers home. If you send them to her workplace then her friends may plant some seeds of doubt in her mind that you have done something wrong, so to avoid that happening don't sent them to her workplace.

A nice way to be romantic with your girlfriend is to have those flowers in a vase on the table when she gets home. Also have a nice dinner ready for her with some candles on the table also. If you can't cook very well then you can get some nice takeaway and serve it up on your dinner plates. Play some romantic music in the background and perhaps even open a nice bottle of wine.

Treat your girlfriend like she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Treat her like a princess from the moment she walks in the door. Greet her at the door with a kiss, and then take her coat for her. Help her to take off her shoes and give her a quick foot rub.
When it is dinner time, be a real gentleman and pull out her chair for her to sit down at the table. Serve her dinner and while you are eating begin a conversation that is focused on her. Look into her eyes and ask her about her day and listen attentively as she talks. Make eye contact during your conversation and touch her hand now and then. Of course, don't forget to tell her how beautiful she looks this evening.

When you've finished dinner lead her to the bedroom and bring along that bottle of wine. Perhaps buy her some new lingerie and have it on the bed waiting for her. Finish off that foot rub you started earlier and complete it with a full massage. Your girlfriend will feel like a princess at this point in time and you know that you're successful at being romantic with your girlfriend.


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