Become A Challenge For Your Girlfriend

If you think your relationship is becoming stale and your girlfriend is getting bored with you then why not become a bit of a challenge for your girlfriend. Everyone likes a challenge so if you make some changes to make it a little more challenging you can bring the spark back into your relationship. If you give in to your girlfriends every need and are always at her beck and call then she may take it for granted and subconsciously even think you are a little weak. If you become a little less accommodating to her needs she may actually have more respect for you.

One good way to bring the spark back into the relationship is to try and act like the man you were at the start of the relationship. When relationships first start they are usually quite romantic and you probably gave her flowers and gifts or even write her little notes. These things happen less and less often as the relationship moves on and before you know it you never bring her flowers or gifts or write her notes. When a relationship reaches this stage you begin to take things for granted rather than seeing them as special.

If you take a look at your relationship and realize that this is what has happened then you should take steps to rectify this. Start looking at your girlfriend the way you did at the beginning and start treating her like she is really special. If you begin doing these little special things like sending her flowers she will remember the guy that she fell in love with. This can bring back the spark in the relationship and you won't need to worry about trying to be a challenge for your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend seems to be drifting away, instinctively you may start to pull back too and then you both begin to drift apart. If this continues the relationship will fall into a downward spiral that will end badly. If she is drifting away then she is probably not happy and if you pull back that only makes her unhappier. Instead of pulling back, try to woo her again like you did when you first met her. She fell in love with you once and more than likely she wants that man back that she fell in love with.

To improve your relationship and get past this rut you need to go back to the guy you were at the beginning. The other thing you do need to consider is whether the relationship is going stale because you don't do these simple things anymore or it is because you are smothering here and being too possessive. Over possessiveness is another big cause of relationship failure. When you really care about someone all you want to do is be with them but sometimes it can become too much. If you want to be with her so much that you don't let her go out with her friends or family and you need to know her every move then this can put a big strain on the relationship. If this is the case then you need to back off a little and give her some breathing room.

It can be a little scary and even depressing when the person you love starts to drift away. Don't wait until it's too late before you decide to do anything about it. As soon as you think there may be a problem in your relationship then you need to make some changes to resolve it and make the relationship strong again.


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