Gifts For New Boyfriend – Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon

It's natural, you've just met a great guy and things are going really well, so you're excited and want to let him know how happy you are. The problem is that, depending on the guy, too much too soon can turn some people off. Be careful that you don't allow your happiness to push you to go overboard. If you feel you just want to get gifts for new boyfriend, don't go too crazy.

Another thing about gifts is that you don't want to inadvertently put pressure on him to get gifts for you. If you start showering him with gifts right off the bat that may make him feel pressured to do the same, and that too can be a turnoff.

You also don't want him to get to the point where he expects you to get him things. Some people will take a little sign of affection and they will start to take it for granted.

The last thing you want to do is get so carried away at the start of your relationship that you actually scare him off. Take things slow.

If you absolutely must get him some sort of gift, keep it fairly non personal and inexpensive. That way it won't be as likely to intimidate or make him feel pressured.

Here are some ideas of gifts for new boyfriend that should land in the middle; allow him to see that things are going well, without making you look like you are coming on too strong:

1. Music is always a good gift. You can either buy him a CD or just get him a gift card so he can download some ringtones or music for his phone or MP3 player. Any type of gift lets someone know that you are thinking about them, but something like music isn't so ultra personal or romantic that it makes you seem like you're coming on too strong.

2. A ticket to a concert or sporting event he wanted to attend can be another great gift. An added benefit is that it is something you can do together. It's a two for one; you get to give your guy a great gift, and the two of you get to spend time together creating memories.

3. A ball cap from his favorite team, sports figure or video game. If your guy wears these types of hats, this can be a great gift. Again, not too personal or romantic but it lets him know that you pay attention and you are learning what he likes. That is very flattering and he will be touched by the gesture.

These three suggestions may not work well with your guy, but hopefully it's enough to get you started thinking. Letting someone know that you care can be done in many different ways. You can tell them in words, show them with actions or show them with gifts. In most cases, doing a combination of all three is effective, just don't do them all at once, that can be suffocating.

Now that you know where to start, have fun on your search for the best gifts for new boyfriend.


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