Three Main Reasons Why Men Dump Women

No-one likes to get dumped and women in particular will take a big dive in self esteem if a man dumps her. Being dumped is never fun but it is even more devastating if you really love the guy. The end of a relationship will cause many emotions including pain, anger and hurt.

At one time it seemed that it was usually women that dumped the men but tables have turned a little and it seems more and more often that men are the ones doing the dumping. Some women will find themselves dumped and alone and have no idea what went wrong. Men are much more laid back than woman and may move on to another relationship without much thought, but women are much more emotional and can be devastated when a man moves on. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, here are the three main reasons why men dump women.

1. Lack of Communication

All relationships need good communication to be successful. A lack of communication can ultimately lead to the end of a relationship. Although women are generally better communicators than men, lack of communication is often one of the main reasons why men dump women.

2. Women Being Too Demanding

Women can be quite demanding and many men just can't handle that. If you are a controlling woman and feel that you need to control everything in your relationships, even your man, then don't be surprised if he will only put up with it for so long until he has had enough. Men are individuals and have their own opinions and they have every right to express those opinions and to have some control. If a man has to live by too many rules laid out by the woman they will begin to feel too much pressure and not enough freedom to do the things that they love to do. If you try to stop your man from doing the things he enjoys, like watching guy stuff on TV or going out with his mates, then he will soon begin to resent you for this. Many men will get fed up with having too much demand put on them and will end the relationship.

3. Women Smothering Men

Some women, particularly those with low self esteem, can be very clingy with their man and rely on him for everything. Men do like to feel needed and like the 'hero' role, but not when it is constant. If you become so clingy that you hang off your man constantly and can't do anything without his approval or help then it can put a lot of pressure on the man. A women needs to have some independence, just as a man does. She needs to be able to take some control and make some decisions on her own. He needs to be able to go out somewhere on her own without needing her man to be by her side constantly. Men do love attention and love being able to protect and care for their women, but it goes too far if the woman becomes obsessed with her smothering of him.

Of course it isn't always the men that dump women; it can be the other way around. There are also other reasons why relationships fail but these three reasons are quite high on the list of reasons why men dump women. If you find that you fall into one of these three categories then you will want to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them in any future relationships.


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