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Getting dumped is never a fun experience. It is made even worse when you are still in love with with your girlfriend and want to get her back. But how do you go about trying to get girl back? There are so many methods out there to help you achieve your goal, the problem is knowing which ones to try.

You only have one chance at getting your girl back after a break up, so you need to make the most of it. Even though there are countless methods you can employ, there are four main steps that generally work the best. Necessary tweaking may be required but they provide a good foundation for your efforts.

1. Acknowledge. Accept that you relationship has come to an end. Too many people try to deny this fact, try to cling desperately to their girl. This is not going to help you. By accepting that it is over you can try to figure out why it is over.

Look at your relationship and try to find out where things went wrong. Try to see things from your girlfriends point of view. If you can figure out why she left, you might be able to fix those issues so that when you finally go back to her, you will not just be repeating past mistakes.

2. Give it time. Patience is a virtue, one that you really need during this process. You will not fix your relationship over night and if you rush you will not be able to get girl back. Instead give both yourself and your girlfriend the time you both need to organize your thoughts and feelings and come to terms with the split.

Use this time positively. Instead of waiting around tapping your foot and dwelling on the break up, go out with friends or delve into a new hobby. Using this time to improve yourself not only helps you, but also your chances of getting your girl back when the time comes.

4. Do not beg. This is an important step that you need to adhere to without fail. No woman wants a guy who begs for her to stay. We have all been there and know how tempting it is, you feel desperate to keep her and you will try anything. But despite that, you can not stoop to begging. It will just have the opposite effect and drive her away.

5. Re-engage. When you feel you have done all you can, and given it enough time, you can re-initiate contact with your ex girlfriend. Do not be too aggressive, treat this as if it was a brand new relationship. Show her the new you, the changes you have made and try to win her back.

It can be hard to get girl back, and there is no guarantee method to succeed. There is always the risk that your efforts will be in vein and she will refuse to come back. But if that happens then you just need to accept it and move on with your life. Find someone else to be happy with and live your life.


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