Body Language in Marriages

Body language is key in getting together with all kinds of people. It helps you make friends (or enemies). It can lead you into a romantic involvement, too. If that association becomes a marriage, you can use body language to maintain and strengthen your relationship with your mate.

When you are in a happy relationship with your spouse, you will send out body language signals of wanting to be together. You might do this by mirroring each other's movements. If one of you sits one way, the other will sit in a corresponding way.

If you find that your bodies often face away from or at right angles to each other, you might have a problem. You can consciously change your body language to help this. Just angle in towards your spouse. You may find that you will start mirroring your spouse's movements as you do this.

When you have been apart, it is important that your body language expresses your joy at being reunited with your mate. Kiss with soft lips. Hold the kiss a little longer than you normally would.

You should be concerned if you feel hard, closed lips. It may also be a sign of trouble if your bodies barely touch during a hug. Your body language would do well to include a full body hug, and with hearts together if you've been apart for long.

You probably won't be contented if one person consistently walks ahead of the other. When this body language occurs, it displays hostility or a lack of connection. Try walking in step. Hold hands with your spouse and give their hand a little squeeze from time to time. This body language encourages intimacy.

You might think that happy couples don't argue, but the truth is that they often do. The difference between their arguments and those of unhappy couples can be seen in their body language. If you are in a healthy relationship, your torsos will face each other during an argument. You will continue to make eye contact.

If people are miserable in their marriages, they can aim some pretty mean body language at each other. One spouse might jab his/her finger at a spouse's chest or bare his/her teeth. If so, this is threatening body language, even if no harm is intended.

A spouse might show body language that shows feelings of superiority. The spouse may hold the head back and look down at the spouse as if he/she is inferior. A spouse may cross arms defensively or roll eyes sarcastically. They might crinkle their nose at the other. All the time, they probably aren't aware of the body language they are displaying.

If you want to demonstrate more constructive body language, breathe deeply. Line up your body with your spouse's. Drop your arms and lean in gently. Nod your head as you listen. In shaky moments, touch your spouse's arm or hold hands.

If you pay attention to the movements of your body and the expressions on your face, you can have a chance at a long lasting relationship. If you ignore your mate's body language, you will have trouble being together at all.


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