Before Relationship Break Up Hits Make Sure That You Do Everything You Can To Save Your Relationship

Fair to say you're reading this because you can see a break up coming and you're wondering what you can do before relationship break up actually comes your way. Well the good news is that there are steps you can take to save your relationship if that's really what you want to do.

First of all consider what you think might be wrong. What has caused you to think a break up is on the cards? Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Do you feel an emotional distance between you and your partner? Or have you been arguing a lot more than you ever have before and you really don't know why?

Finding the answers to these questions, or which ever questions fit your particular situation, is key. Once you start asking the right questions, then you have a really strong chance of saving your relationship before relationship break up hits.

So, are you making real quality time for your relationship? Because without a doubt, this is often the number one reason that couples separate and relationships end. If you do not make time for your relationship an emotional distance distance will appear between you and your partner and before you know it, that space which you should have filled, will now be filled by someone else or something else.

Before relationship break up happens, make sure that you are not falling into the trap of finding fault in everything that your partner does. This is a classic sign of dissatisfaction with yourself. Whatever you feel you are failing at: career, finances, emotional relationships and even how you feel about yourself, this could lead you to take out your dissatisfaction with yourself on your other half. If there is something that is wrong in your life, sort it out.

If you have genuine reasons to be upset with your partner, then make sure you strike a balance between concern and criticism. No one likes to be told what they're doing wrong 24/7! Don't focus on the minor wrongs, that way when there is something really important that you find unacceptable, then you can bring it up safe in the knowledge that it's not just a long line of what you consider to be your partner's wrongs!

Above all, before relationship breakup really hits, make sure that you sit down with your partner and talk openly about your fears and concerns. Whatever you do don't avoid and don't pretend everything is all right. You never know, you've noticed that all is not well, perhaps your partner has also noticed too.


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