Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

We all realize the importance of letting the people in our lives know that they are loved. Sometimes, just saying "I love you" doesn't quite seem like enough. Sometimes you want some ideas of sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Don't be fooled, guys like the "mushy" stuff too, they just won't admit it. As a matter of fact, most guys might even get into it more just because they aren't that used to getting it.

One of the most effective times for sweet things to say to your boyfriend is when he least expects it. It comes pretty naturally at the end of a conversation or at the end of the night, but what about when you're just getting out of the car to go to the grocery store? Or how about when you are standing in line at the bank?

I love you's from the person you love never get old but when it is kind of "sprung" on someone it can really be a special surprise.

You know your guy and you have to decide if he would like for you to say those words in front of his friends. Some guys would love for their friends to see how much you love them while other guys would be embarrassed. Figure out which guy you have.

Also, most guys won't like saying it back to you in front of their friends so if you do say it to him while others are around, say it on your way out the door or at some time where you don't expect a response from him. Remember, this is a time to let him know how you feel, not to put him on the spot or make him feel uncomfortable.

Another really nice thing to say, though it isn't directly to your boyfriend, is to tell his mother: "thank you for raising such a fine man". Something like that is almost guaranteed to melt your guys heart and make him feel like a million bucks.

If you sincerely tell your guy that he is wonderful, amazing, or awesome, that will almost be guaranteed to make his day and not only give him a nice little ego boost but also let him see just how special you think he is and how much he really does mean to you.

Also, actions can often speak louder than words. If you want to let your guy know how much he means to you than show him. There are many things you can do to show a man you love him than just dress up in lingerie.

Showing love can be as simple as seeing what needs to be done and do it. For example, if you and your guy are sitting around watching a movie and you notice that he is rubbing his head and that he has a headache, why not get him a few aspirin and a glass of water?

One word of warning now, you don't want to overdo this. First of all you should never allow yourself to be at someone else's beck and call. It's not a healthy relationship.

Another thing is that if you act like that all the time, he will either take it for granted and start to abuse it or he will get freaked out because you are acting kind of creepy. Moderation is the key. A little attention goes a long way.
These are the sweet things to say to your boyfriend.


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