How To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend Be Confident He Is The One

We all know that when it comes to love there are no guarantees. But, that doesn't mean that you can't do some simple things to ensure, as much as possible at least, that before you learn how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend, you are confidant that you are picking the right guy.

So many relationships end badly and cause a lot of turmoil before they end. Most of the time that can be eliminated or at lease reduced. How, you are wondering. Simple, stop ignoring bad signs and go slowly.

If you want to know how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend first make sure you really want him to be your boyfriend. Most of us are extremely good at lying to ourselves when it comes to love.

We convince ourselves that the guy we just met might be the "one" when the real truth is that there are a few signs that he might be a nightmare but we are lonely and he is cute so we lie.

Don't do that to yourself. Before you ask a guy out or try to move your existing relationship to another level, really step back and make sure it's a good idea.

If you just aren't sure if you can be, or if you are, being honest there is one simple thing you can do to keep yourself honest… talk to your friends and family.

Tell them that you are considering asking him out or moving your relationship to the next level and you want their honest opinion. Make sure you stress to them that you won't be mad, and you can't be, if they say something bad about him.

Listen openly and objectively. Your friends love you, not him. They aren't bound by the same emotional response you are. They have your back so their opinions are the most honest ones you are likely to get. Open your mind and stay calm even if you hear things you don't like. They are on your side, never forget that.

If your gut, and your friends, are telling you it's time to go for it, than choose your time and place carefully. If you are just getting to know him, or have just met him, inviting him out for coffee or lunch can be a casual way to gauge his interest in you.

If he seems interested and things go well, you probably won't even have to worry about it, he will probably call you and take the lead. If not, and things went well, call him up and ask him out again. Now, personally, I wouldn't ask a guy out more than twice. If he hasn't reciprocated and asked you out, it probably means he's really not that interested.

The days of women having to sit around and wait to see if a guy will ask them out are over, thankfully. Now we can take the initiative and learn how to ask a guy to be your boyfriend.


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