Done With Dating-Not Always A Bad Idea

If you just had another break up and have decided that you are done with dating that might not be such a bad idea, for now. No one says you can't take a break now and then. The dating world can be brutal, at times. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and breathe for a while.

Take some time for yourself and just relax no one says you always have to have the trophy on your arm. Well, they might say it but it isn't true. Learn to be yourself and for yourself, first. You are the important one here. Figure out who you are without that trophy on your arm or in your bed. This may be difficult for some of you reading this.

Learning to be alone can be somewhat of an ordeal and you may not like it at first, but you will get used to it and may eventually even learn to like it. It is all up to you, actually. If you sit around moping all the time then you will not learn to like it one bit but if you get out and see the world in your own way with your own eyes without having someone to answer to then you will see that you can survive on your own.

That is the best part of being done with dating, by the way. Not having anyone to answer to, coming and going as you please and not having someone looking over your shoulder at every turn no matter what you do.

Maybe that wasn't it at all, maybe the ones you were with let you have your space. Maybe you are just tired of your relationships not working out. Then by all means, take a break, you deserve it. Do some self maintenance, learn something new so you have something new to bring to the table next time you decide to get involved in a relationship.

I know you may think that is all easier said than done but look at it this way, if you join a gym or take a class at the local community college you may just meet the one you were meant to be with and how great would that be? To finally have a relationship you could be proud of and really want to show off the new guy or gal to your friends would be absolutely awesome.

So what are you going to do? Not jump right into another dead end relationship with the same type of person, right? You are going to do some inner work on you first and then you are going to join a gym and get in shape or you are going to take a class at the community college and learn something new.

Anything you can do to feel like you are growing a little will be a big boost to your system and help you become a better person. You will gain more confidence and that confidence will be very attractive to your next would be partner. You will hold yourself differently and you will be noticed. So be done with dating for a while but not forever, the perfect one for you is out there.


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