Depression And Dating -Tips To Help Cope

Severe clinical depression is a condition that affects several million Americans and many others suffer from a milder form of depression that may include a diagnosis of anxiety. Dating can be a pain in the behind for healthy individuals but even though depression and dating can present you with a whole different set of problems, there are ways to cope with your depression while dating.

First, if you were prescribed medication for your depression be sure to take it as it as prescribed. If anxiety is a part of your depressive state then make sure and take your anti-anxiety medication before your date to lessen the chance you will lose control on the date.

A typical first date lasts three hours, anyone can make it through three hours. If you find yourself getting into some trouble and can't control your anxiety, just excuse yourself from the table and go to the bathroom. Take a paper towel and wet it then place it on the back of your neck and do some deep breathing to calm yourself. Only when you are ready should you return to the table to resume your date.

You have done everything right, you spent the time making sure your clothes, hair and make-up were perfect. You have nothing to worry about. Everything is going great, you will be fine as long as you don't do anything to sabotage this date. Do not talk about anything too heavy if especially if this is your first date. You will scare off your date quicker than anything if you do this.

Try to stay laid back and have some fun. If you concentrate on enjoying yourself and enjoying the other person your depression and dating will not become an issue. If the relationship continues on further then you will have to divulge that you are dealing with depression but it does not have to be brought up on the first date.

While on your date do not try to force anything, keep expectations off the table. Just let things flow and let the date work itself out. If there is some attraction then that's good, just do not act too clingy or needy. Your date will pick up on this neediness and won't just run away, they will run away screaming. Keep yourself to yourself and just go home after the date.

After a while when you feel comfortable with this person, tell them you are dealing with depression and that you take medication everyday for it. They will see that you are doing all you can to stay healthy and will applaud you for your efforts.

If your depression is a true chemical imbalance, you will need to continue taking your medication for the rest of your life but, on the other hand, if your depression is situational then you may be able to stop the medication at some point and just keep seeing your therapist. This can be true especially if you find the love of your life and they are willing and able to help you through the rough patches.

Depression and dating is possible, you just have to be strong enough to handle both at the same time.


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