Compatibility- Will Make Or Break You

Relationships are a great thing for anyone to have. Humans are typically social creatures and while some may be more social than others, we all enjoy at least some company. You do not have to be a social butterfly with over nine thousand friends, even just having one or two really good friends is enough.

There are all types of relationships out there and people may have compatibility issues depending on what kind of relationship they are in. Whether it is as lovers, friends, co-workers, family, all these relationships have certain aspects about them that you should be aware of.

The fact that every relationship is a little different can make maintaining them difficult. While there are certainly different approaches depending on what kind of relationship you are in, there are some basic tenants that apply to every kind of relationship. Utilizing these basic tips you should have a much easier time keeping any relationship in working order.

1. Having clear definitions for your relationships is important. You need to know just what kind of relationship you have with someone. A co-worker should not get the same amount of quality time as say a lover would.

2. You should always keep your act together to make sure you do not let your relationship crash and burn. If you find yourself as being unreliable, then fix that. If you are frequently missing meetings then it may be a compatibility, or you may simply be too busy. Whatever the case, make sure to be clear if you wont be able to make it.

3. Honesty is the best policy, but how you word it can be hurtful to others. You do not have to lie to them, or even white lie, but you do not have to be as blunt as possible either. Using some tact when you tell them something is never a bad thing.

4. Do not be a people pleaser, either. There are types of people out there that run around doing anything and everything they can to make others happy. This is a waste of energy. Just be yourself and your friends will be happy with that.

5. Gossiping is a bad habit that a lot of people have. They may not even mean to be hurtful, but betraying someones trust and talking behind their back is always hurtful. If someone confides in you, keep it to yourself unless they say otherwise.

6. We all know the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. This rule still applies. If you want to be treated with kindness and respect, then treat them with kindness and respect as well.

7. One of the major compatibility issues people face is that they simply do not listen. Listening is imperative for any relationship, you need to accept their feelings so that you can act accordingly.

8. A relationship is a back and forth. You need to give as much to it as you take from it. If you and your friends or lovers are always doing what you want, going where you want to go, then they will get tired of it and leave.


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