Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Right For You

If you are looking for the quickest way to whiten the teeth, then you may want to consider the in-office whitening. Under this procedure the whitening product, like the gel is applied to the teeth. And when used under the dentist-supervised procedure, this form of bleaching is used as complemented by a special light or the laser. In many cases, in just one visit the expected results can be seen immediately. But if the intent is to get that dramatic results in the form of shiny white teeth, then the person will need a number of visits to the dentist. And each of these visits will tend to lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. For a clearer picture on how the process is done, the following is the listing of the step-by-step procedure of this teeth whitening procedure.

* The first step is the polishing of the teeth with the use of the pumice. The polishing action is important as this will remove the plaque and dirt found at the surface of the teeth.

* The mouth will then be isolated with the use of the gauze. This is a necessary step so that the teeth will be dry for the rest of the procedure. There will be times when the retractors will be used as well, and this is important so that your lips and tongue will not get in contact with the whitening agents incorporated in the solution.

* Next up is the addition of the barrier on the gum line. This is done so that the whitening solution will not get in contact with the gum area.

* After this is done, the teeth will then be coated with the whitening formulation, and the coating will cover the surface of the teeth. And depending on the attending dentist, the formulation may contain the hydrogen peroxide or the carbamide peroxide. Either way, it can be expected that the whitening effect can be achieved. There are some cases when light or the laser will be used. The light will act as the heating agent that will be used to activate the peroxide content in the whitening formulation. The said whitening agent or formulation will then be allowed to stay on the teeth for the next 30 to 60 minutes. Again, the longevity of the process will ultimately depend on the manufacturer of the product or the whitening formulation.

* The moment that the intended shade of white has been achieved, then the teeth will be rinsed with water. And the use of toothpaste will be recommended. This is needed so that the person will not experience sensitivity.

Listed below are the basic steps that are performed by the dentist in relation to in-office teeth whitening. And after the procedure has been completed, then that is the time that the dentist may recommend some healthy eating habits. Or the dentist may recommend some eating habits. For example, you may be asked to avoid food items that are rich in pigment like coffee and tomato sauce.


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