Know The Limitations When It Comes To Teeth Whitening Procedures

Who can say no to teeth whitening? For sure not you and your group of friends; often a white teeth is not only for selfish and personal reasons. Everyone will agree that this can also help in social and professional relationships. So you cannot really fault those people who rush into having these procedures. And if you are rushing into having your own sessions with your favorite dentist or you know someone who is planning to, it's best to hit the brakes first. These procedures are not for everybody; there are some restrictions and once you have checked these then you can always retry the services of teeth whitening. And what are these limitations? Consider the list below, and be guided accordingly.

* These procedures are not best for those below 16 years of age. The procedures in teeth whitening may compromise the pulp chamber and the nerve of the tooth. And at that stage, the pulp is still enlarged and when done for people of this age then this may only irritate that area. Also it should be remembered that these procedures are not best for pregnant women. Once the women gave birth and has finished the lactating stage, then that is the time that whitening procedures are safer.

* For those with allergies, consider a stop first on the plans to have teeth whitening. This is especially true for everyone who is allergic to peroxide.

* Do you have a gum disease, exposed roots or you have worn enamel? If you have these gum diseases, then the teeth whitening procedures are highly discouraged. The whitening solutions may get into the decaying part of the teeth and this can result to sensitive teeth.

* If you have filling, crowns and restorations then it is not encourage that you try these teeth whitening procedures. The reason for this is that the whitening agents will not act on these. And if it does, then there will be uneven whitening on the teeth. If you are planning to whiten your teeth and at the same time planning for restorations, it is recommended that the teeth whitening procedures should be done first before the restoration. The best thing to do in this kind of fix is to get the suggestions of the dentist.

* These treatment and formulations are not recommended for someone with high expectations. So you want shiny white teeth in a snap? Well you cannot get this from the many teeth whitening services available right now in the market. It takes time to get the desired results. And also do remember that if you are not helping yourself (think: smoking) then there is a big chance that the results will be delayed and may be minimal. Do take note that the bleaching action can be faster if you will also do your part in the teeth whitening process.

It doesn't mean that if you fall in one of these situations, then you can no longer try teeth whitening. The restriction is just temporary. After you have addressed it, then you can always try out the whitening procedures.


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