Choosing Between At-home And Supervised Teeth Whitening Procedures

All options relating to teeth whitening can be broadly categorized into two. The first group of procedures and options fall under at-home teeth whitening procedures. The next set belongs to dentist-supervised teeth whitening procedures. Now which between the two is the better choice for someone looking to improve the looks of her teeth? What are the differences, if there are any? For those looking for answers, then the following resources will serve as a helpful guide in weighing the differences between the two. And the differences between the two categories are assessed using the following measures:

* Composition and the strength of the bleaching agent used. It is an accepted fact that the over the counter medications and formulations will contain less concentration of the bleaching agent. In many products, the concentration will only reach up to 10 percent. For the formulation that are used by the professionals that conduct supervised teeth whitening procedures, the formulation for the peroxide may reach up to 43 percent and the strength of the bleaching agent will depend on the service provider. This is the reason why those wanting immediate effects will go for the supervised services of the dentist.

* Design differences for the mouthpiece trays. The mouthpiece trays that are available for supervised whitening sessions are considered as more reliable as compared to the ones that are available over the counter. The basis for this is simple. At least with the dentist-supervised procedures, the dentist can visit the person's home and can customize the site of the mouthpiece tray. This kind of customization ensures that the mouthpiece will be of perfect fit and that this maximizes the application of the gel that contains the peroxide. Contrast this with the commercially-produced mouthpiece trays which may be ill-fit for the person because the design of the trays is not intended for the person in the first place.

* The presence of protective measures. Did you know that you will be safer if you are in the hands of the dentist when doing the teeth whitening procedures? This is true because of the dentist-supervised procedures; the dentist will normally use the gel to the gum tissue in order to protect the gums from the possible effects of the process. You will not find these protective measures for the over-the-counter medications and formulations.

* In terms of cost? There is no argument in here. The dentist-supervised procedures are considered pricier if compared to the medications and formulations that can be had over the counter.

In the bigger picture you can sense that the supervised teeth whitening sessions are known for their added benefits and advantages for the person. And this is the reason why this is getting popular in the market, even if this cost more. At least with the supervised process, you get extra and preferential treatment from the attending dentist. And if the dentist founds out that what you need is more than teeth whitening, the he can always refer you back to your old dentist to address your more important dental concerns.


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