How To Deal With A Break Up- Steps to Healing

If your last break up still hurts a lot then do not worry, there is help out there about how to deal with a break up. Following a few steps can help you move through the healing process much quicker and you won't want to kill anyone in the process. Your dignity will remain intact.

The first thing you need to do is give yourself a week or two and just take it easy. Don't worry too much about housework or other mundane chores that need to be done, they aren't going anywhere. Just take things slow and allow yourself to process everything that has just happened. Do not ignore things that can and will make your life more difficult if you don't take care of them, like going to work or paying your bills on time, but do ignore anything that won't make your life more difficult. You deserve a little you time for just a little while.

Just make sure you set a time limit for this period of 'mourning'. Only allow yourself a week or two and then kick yourself in the behind and get moving. No one is saying that you should be over things in a week or two but you should have some sort of plan at least roughed in after a few weeks. That should be enough time to get things sorted out and then it's time to get going and start living your life again while you continue the healing process.

Step two in the how to deal with a break up manual is to make sure that you take care of yourself. Now that you've had some down time, it's time to return to the land of the living. Make sure that even though you still feel angry and hurt that you take the time to eat right and get enough sleep. A little exercise thrown in couldn't hurt either. This is not the time to get drunk and sleep around. Those things may offer a little short term relief but remember at the beginning of the article I said that I'd help you move on with your dignity intact, doing either of these things won't help your dignity at all, so don't do them.

Step three is to make sure that you accept that the relationship is over and done and avoid your ex at all costs. If the two of you have a lot of the same friends you may still see your ex when you are out. As painful as that may be, you need to learn to look the other way and ignore them. and you see them when you're out with friends, ignore them. It may seem harmless enough to say hi and have a drink with them, but after you've had a drink (or more) you may do or say something that you will later regret.

Step four is to understand that no matter how impossible it may seem now that you will ever find love or feel happiness again, you will someday. No one can tell you when that day will come but if you allow yourself the time you need to grieve and deal with all the emotions you have churning around inside, you may help that day when you are happy again come a little more quickly. All of these tips can help you learn how to deal with a break up as quickly as possible.


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