Does My Ex Still Love Me Or Am I Kidding Myself

Have you asked a good friend "does my ex still love me?" Well this really is one of those classic questions that people ask when they haven't moved on from a relationship that is over. Chances are your friend has no answer for you that will help you and so you're still left wondering.

The truth is that a question like, "does my ex still love me?" can be a dangerous one to ask. This is because you might not get the answer you're looking for. As I've said, often times we will ask a question like that when we're still hung up on our exes and we're looking for reassurance and an OK that it's alright for us to go on and rescue the relationship. If this is what you're doing, make sure you're clear in your own mind that you could be setting yourself up for a heavy fall if your ex doesn't still love you.

With that said, there is a real truth in the fact that sometimes relationships do need space and air in order for them to resume and continue. People say the most hurtful and painful things to each other when they're arguing! And in temper they end up walking out and shouting "it's over!" more times than it actually is.

What can follow in a situation like this is weeks and months of couples refusing to talk to each other and refusing to see each other, but deep down inside they're hurting with regret and longing that they've parted. If this is your situation then the answer to your question, "does my ex still love me?" is more than likely "Yes!"

In a stiutation like this, there is probably still a chance that the couple can still find a way back together if just one of them takes that initial step and asks to meet up to talk.

Now the only way to know one way or the other if this is your stiutation or if you're deluding yourself, is not to ask a friend, but to make contact with your ex and ask your ex. Often times this simple step is not taken because one or both of those involved don't want to lose face and make the first move. Well rather than sitting there wondering for days, weeks or more, make that first contact!

Arrange to meet somewhere neutral and after the initial pleasantries are over, work your question into the conversation. Be direct, be honest and get the answer from the only person who knows for sure. It really is the only way that you can stop yourself wasting time, longing and wondering what the real answer to your question "does my ex still love me?" really is!


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