Rise Of Single Mom Dating-Not Always Because Of Divorce

What does the rise of single mom dating mean in today's society? Well, it probably means that single parents are feeling more comfortable getting out in the dating world, that's all. Single men and women may be more accepting of someone else's children when entering into a relationship. You probably could not stand in the middle of a crowd and throw a stone and not hit a single parent.

There are lots of reason why one would find themselves being a single parent, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, death of a parent. Moms are usually the ones left as the single parent, but single dads are becoming more numerous, too. This may be one of the reasons there is a rise of single mom dating. Single dads need love, too.

Statistics are that 4 out of 10 births are to unmarried women. This used to be quite the taboo in this, or any, society. But with society being able to get used to anything single parent births are more and more commonplace these days. What used to be taboo is now widely accepted.

Premarital sex is now widely accepted. Just take a look at the royal couple about to be married. They have been living together for years and have set a new standard in the royal court. I think they have decided that because they have lived together for so long they will just do away with the 'she has to be a virgin thing'.

Anytime you engage in unprotected sex the possibility arises that there may be an unplanned pregnancy as a result. Even if you say you don't like surprises. Surprise! If one of you is not ready to be a parent this pregnancy will result in one of you being a single parent.

Even if you do get married there is a 1 in 2 chance your marriage will end in divorce and therefore making one of you a single parent nonetheless. Raising a child as a single parent is not bed of roses. They have to eat and have clothes to wear so you have to work, then come home and do all that has to be done there, too.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, reading the bedtime stories, making sure they brush their teeth, it is a labor of love. They did not ask to be brought into this world and they deserve the best care possible.

Some women just choose to have a baby on their own. They either cannot find a suitable mate or are tired of looking but feel they have reached a point in their lives where they want to be a parent. So either through adoption or finding a donor and having artificial insemination done they can become single moms.

The rise of single mom dating is just due to the fact that there are so many out there now. That and the men available are more sensitive to women and more accepting of her having a child when they meet.


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