Dating Service Names

When you join an online dating site to find either that "perfect" someone or just that "let's have fun and see where it goes" someone, one of the most important elements is your profile. This will either attract or repel potential partners so you should spend some time on it. One thing to take some time on is what dating service names you want to use as your profile name.

There are many schools of thought on this, some say you should use something clever, others opt for a "cute" name and still others opt for dating service names that have a very sexual sound to them.

It's up to you and what you hope to accomplish online. If you set up an ultra sexy screen name, for example, you may not attract those people who are looking for a more serious, long term relationship.

You don't want potential mates to shy away because they think the only thing you are looking for is a little fun when in reality you want to find someone to settle down with. Try to think of how your name will sound to others and what kind of message it may send.

One thing you don't want to do is use your full, real, name. This is simply a security issue. What you can do is use a derivative of your name combined with some aspect of your life.

So, if your name is Dave and you are a lawyer you might use the screen name LegalDave, LawyerDave, or AttorneyDave.

You can do the same thing and combine your name with a hobby that you enjoy. If you play basketball you might be BBallDave.

One note, you should capitalize the first letter of all the separate words in your name like I did in the above examples.

Just compare how much easier BBallDave is to read than if I wrote it bballdave.

By capitalizing the first letter of each word you help it stand out and it makes it so much easier to read and much harder to misinterpret. After all, you've spent a little time coming up with an interesting name, you don't want people to not be able to read or understand it, do you?

Another point, don't get too carried away with a lot of words. LegalEagleDave1997 is a lot. It can be difficult to remember such a long name. When picking a screen name for online dating remember the "KISS" principle and keep it simple.

Though your screen name is just one element of your online dating profile, it is a very important part. In many cases it is the first thing someone will see. What your name says about you may be enough to convince someone to look more closely or look the other way. Choose wisely.

Taking time with all elements of your online dating profile will reap rewards in the long run, and it can be kind of fun. Don't shortchange this step, instead spend time and try to have some fun when you are setting up dating service names.


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