What is Anxiety Stress Disorder?

Stress is considered to be something normal in everyday life. But when people get cant handle it, the person can resort to overeating, smoking, drinking or using drugs.

People who are in this type of situation have an anxiety stress disorder. Some of these symptoms will be twitching, sweating, difficulty swallowing, headaches and stomach pains. Others things that some people have complained of are dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, sleeping problems, difficulty in concentrating, irregular heart rate and sexual problems.

There are many types of anxiety disorders.

1. If the person doesn't respond well to a certain situation, one may have a panic disorder. This usually happens when the individual sees no way out in or is aware that no one can help at the given time.

2. Some people who worry too much are called pessimists. There may be nothing wrong with this but if the person experiences unwanted thoughts often, the patient may be diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

3. People who have been through a traumatic experience such as a terrible accident or war are often diagnosed to have post traumatic stress disorder.

4. It is normal to be concerned of certain things but when this gets out of hand where the scenarios are far fetched, the person can be characterized to have a generalized anxiety disorder.

5. When the person is traumatized by being separated from a loved one, the individual may have a separation anxiety disorder.

6. There are also many types of phobias. Some people are afraid of spiders while there are other s who don't feel comfortable in enclosed spaces. Doctors often refer to this as a specific phobia with a scientific name usually attached to it.

The person can sense if one has any of these disorders. There are some quizzes available which can ask things that worry the individual, what constantly comes to mind and if there is something that makes the patient sad or depressed.

A better way to confirm this will be to see a doctor. The patient will be asked certain questions and once confirmed, can recommend proper treatment to the patient since there is no single solution to the problem.

Some people think that confronting that fear will make it go away. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work to be done before this can be subdued.

Presently, there are over 19 million adults in the United States who have one of these disorders. This can get worse if left untreated which is the reason that the person must be immediately diagnosed.

An anxiety disorder can also happen when one is being treated. These are often referred to as withdrawal symptoms which commonly happens to those who drink too much or take drugs. This type of anxiety will gradually go away when the chemicals have left the patients system and gets sober.

There are many places where the person can get help for these anxiety disorders. Some companies have healthcare who can refer a psychologist to work on the problem. If it is minor, the individual can approach a social worker for help.

Therapy and medication are given in certain cases. If these don't work, the person might have to confined first to the hospital or a mental institution until the problem has been solved.

Anxiety stress disorders can be treated. The severity will determine the length of time before the patient can fully recover.


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