Injection For Tanning – Newest Beauty Fads

One of the newest "beauty" fads that seems to be popping up is the use of injection for tanning. Supposedly, these injections will help promote a rich dark tan without exposure to the sun.

In some cases, since you don't need to go out in the sun (again, supposedly) they are being billed as a safer alternative to tanning or tanning beds. But are they really safe? Is this really a viable alternative to those of us who like the way we look with a nice glowing tan?

According to the research I did when writing this article I would say no. At the very minimum, there is not enough long term data to definitively say that an injection for tanning is safe.

Whenever you are dealing with chemicals, especially those that are being introduced directly into the body by the bloodstream, it can take a long time for potential side effects to show up.

The longer the use, and the more people using it, the sooner any possible negative side effects will show up. But in the beginning, it may seem like these products are safe when it fact they are not.

As far as I could tell, there is not one governing body, like the FDA for example, in any country that has said that these types of injections are ok and safe.

The research I did interviewed many dermatologists and doctors and everyone of them advised not to use this type of tanning method. To a doctor they stated that it was just too early to know whether or not this would be safe for the long term.

Another thing to take into consideration is since these products are sold exclusively online you don't know what you are getting. Another real concern these doctors had was just what was in this injection?

With no oversight, the manufacturers could be putting pretty much anything in the injection that they wanted.

This was one of the biggest reasons that all the doctors I saw were against using this product. Just like many illegal drugs are laced with potentially toxic, deadly chemicals, these injections could be too.

The actual injection can vary significantly from one site to another and no one knows what is in the vial of liquid that you will be introducing directly into your bloodstream. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be pale than to shoot some unknown substance into my bloodstream!

The other more conventional tanning methods like sun bathing, tanning booths and even spray on tans are certainly not without risks, but at least we know what those risks are and we aren't adding chemicals directly into our bodies.

If I were you, I'd stick with the comparatively safe alternatives listed above rather than using pills or injection to get a tan. Better the risk you know about than those you can't see coming.

Injection for tanning at this stage of the game is a very bad idea in my opinion. We all want to look good and I like the way I look with a tan as much as anyone, but it sure isn't worth dying over.


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