Famous Birthmarks-You Have Heard Of These Famous People

We all know that one of the most recognizable famous birthmarks is the mole on Cindy Crawford's face. Marilyn Monroe had one, too. Not all birthmarks are moles, though. Lots of people have what is called port wine stains, or PWS.

Some people with famous birthmarks that you may recall are Tina Turner, Richard Gere, Christina Aguilera, Tempest Bledsoe, and Antonio Sabato, Jr. Sports enthusiasts might find it interesting to know that the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints has a small area of PWS on his face and Matt Luke who plays baseball for the Dodger's, had birthmarks so bad he had to have skin grafts to cover them up.

So, now you have read my little list here and are intrigued, huh? You didn't know about some of these did you? Now you want to know where they are, because most of them you can't see.

Tina Turner, the singer, songwriter, actress, has a port wine stain or her shoulder, I do not think that it is very big but it is there.

Richard Gere, the actor, has a prominent darker pigmented section or patch on his upper left back. Expert's agree that where it is and what it looks like that it is most assuredly a Becker's Nevus.

Here we go, I know you have been dying to know about Christina. Christina Aguilera, singer, has a very small birthmark on her left lower back.

Tempest Bledsoe who played Vanessa on the Cosby show way back when, has a port wine stain on her arm. You really have to look for it to see it. No staring!

Sexy actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. has birthmarks on his right arm and right pec.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, married to Michael Douglas, has a birthmark on her left shin. I think that these birthmarks are covered up by the people who do make-up for the actors. You just do not see them in the movies they do.

There are many different kinds of birthmarks and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are port wine stains and some are darker pigmentation on area if the body. Some are moles and some, like what Richard Thomas has on his left cheek are called an epidermal keratosis and it gets bigger as time wears on.

I have one but it is on my scalp and no one can see it. I know when it is going to start growing because it itches deep down on the inside and then it starts to get bigger. It has grown in size over a ten year period from a very small lump when it started to about one-half inch in diameter today.

Besides Cindy Crawford's mole, probably one of the most famous birthmarks, or at least the most recognizable is Mikhail Gorbachev's. Mikhail Gorbachev was once the leader of the Soviet Union and was instrumental in dissolving the Iron Curtain and letting countries like Czechoslovakia be free and independent of the Soviet Union and becoome the Czech Republic. The Soviet Union is now only Russia. Mikhail Gorbachev's birthmark is a port wine stain that is on his head. It is readily visible because Mikhail Gorbachev is bald.


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  1. Linda says:

    But these famous people are not having a big problem on birth marks or moles. They can even hide it via make up. I remember Natalie Portman to have moles in her face but they are not big enough to notice.
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