Curing Rosacea

More and more people are becoming conscious and open-minded about enhancing their physical appearances in order to achieve their goals in life. However, there are conditions that appear on our skin that beyond our control such as rosacea.

Today, one of the most common problems of people is suffering from different skin disorders like. Rosacea–a chronic and lifelong skin condition, which usually affects the face–has become one of the most common skin diseases that Americans with 1:20 ratio.

It is said that women are more affected especially in the or earlier years compared to men. But more men progress to the advanced stages when they reach 40 and above.

Research says that rosacea, commonly characterized by various skin disorders like skin flushing, appearance of reddish or purplish discoloration, permanent enlargements of small blood vessels, and enlarged, red, swollen nose, has become one of the most difficult to manage because of its sporadic nature.

Putting an end

Dermatologists, despite having the knowledge in managing the skin disease, still cannot pinpoint the exact cause of rosacea.

Theories explain that overexposure to the sun, skin mites, infection with common bacteria, and genetic defects in the arrangement of blood vessels in the skin are some of suspected causes of rosacea. Although these signs and symptoms are not health hazards, they can be a cause of great discomfort that will eventually lead to loss of self-esteem.

There is no definite cure for rosacea yet, more and more products are created to manage the disease. In fact, dermatologists now recognize a prelude to rosacea called "pre-rosacea" where treatment can be done even before the skin disease is full blown.

Several topical and oral medications like antibiotic creams and gels can help tame bumps and pimples while laser therapy can fade redness and blood vessels are be used and performed to control flushing while lessening skin discoloration and swollen blood vessels.

Other prescribed rosacea skin care treatments include steroids, retnoids, and accutane. Aside from taking these topical and laser treatments, most dermatologists agree that the ultimate rosacea skin care treatment lies on the person's lifestyles especially on their eating habits.

To avoid the occurrence of rosacea, refrain from eating foods high in B6 and B12 doses, chocolates, tomatoes, garlic, wine, citrus fruits, eggplants, avocadoes, spinach, raisins, figs, bananas, hot beverages, hard liquor, beer, cheeses, yogurts, sour creams, milk, hot sausages, red, black and white peppers, vinegar, paprika, and marinated meats.

Reduction of stress levels and direct exposure to sunlight must also be avoided. When people are stressed, they are more likely to increase their hormone levels that may trigger the outbreak. It would be best to take some time off and avoid too much thinking to avoid beings stressed so much.

For people who suffer from rosacea, it is very important to learn the current and future physiological and psychological effects of apart from focusing too much on the aesthetic aspect. It is also equally important for the rosacea patient to get support and advice from family members and relatives in combating this skin disease.


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