The Lowdown on Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is a very common skin problem, especially among your people. As a proof that it is indeed very common, we see a lot of commercially available treatments for this skin disorder. And acne treatments come in many sizes and forms. There are anti-acne creams, ointments, facial washes, lotions, etc.

Apart from anti-acne products there are also treatments to acne. These treatments are commonly performed by dermatologists. These treatments cost more money than commercially available solutions to acne but their effect is more lasting and the results are quickly seen.

One anti-acne treatment that has been around for several years already is laser treatment. Over the last few years, laser acne treatment has quickly replaced other more traditional methods of treating acne. The reason why more and more people are using this form of treatment is the fact that it provides faster and longer-lasting results.

So how is laser acne treatment performed?

In laser acne treatment a laser pen is used by a dermatologist. The doctor holds this pen just above the acne or acne scar tissue. The laser pen emits concentrated beams of light. What dermatologists do is move the laser pen back and forth over the acne or scar to vaporize the unwanted tissues.

This back and forth motion also stimulates the growth of new skin cells. It is actually prove n that new collagen, the protein in the skin's connective tissue that gives skin its texture, is formed after laser acne treatment.

Is laser acne treatment safe and painless?

Two of the best things about laser acne treatment is that is safe and painless. The only "side-effect" that the patient will experience is some swelling and bruising. This is normal and would only last for about seven or ten days. After the bruising and swelling are gone, the patient can already wear make-up.

Is laser acne treatment for you?

If you have light colored skin, then laser acne treatment is definitely for you. This treatment can greatly improve the quality of your skin. But if you dark colored or toned skin, you might want to think twice before undergoing laser acne treatment.

This is because laser acne treatment can alter the color and texture of the skin dramatically. It also sometimes produces unpredictable results. There are some doctors though who believe that laser acne treatment is perfect for dark-colored women who want to lighten up their skin.

How much does laser acne treatment cost?

A full face laser acne treatments cost between $2,000 to $3,000. This price is definitely very expensive compared to other types of anti-acne treatments but as said earlier, the results with laser acne treatment is seen much more quickly and it is more lasting.

Where should you go for a good laser acne treatment?

To be sure that you will get proper a laser acne treatment, consult only with a license dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Never ever go to a fly-by-night practitioner even if he or she offers the laser acne treatment at a lot less.

You could be saving a lot of money from these practitioners but you could end up with a much worse condition than the one you had when your first came in. This is why it is very important to first ask the practitioner before letting yourself be treated. Remember that you face is a very precious thing so entrust it only to experts.


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  1. Albeirta says:

    Make sure that you have the best doctor so that you won’t end up failing as this kind of therapy has been reported to be just working during your first time but later on it won’t be that great anymore. It’s even the most immature choice on choosing a treatment.
    Albeirta recently

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