Quiet Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are nice for removing humidity from the air of your home. Reducing the level of humidity will make your home feel cooler and more comfortable in the warmer months of the year and help you save money on cooling costs.

If you need the dehumidifier in your basement then how loud it runs will not bother you too much. But, if you need to run the dehumidifier in the rooms of your home where you spend family time you might want to shop around for quiet dehumidifiers.

If possible, choose a dehumidifier with multiple fan settings. This way you can run the dehumidifier on it's lowest setting and it will be a little quieter than on the higher fan settings. They will use less electricity on these lower settings, too.

Make sure the quiet dehumidifiers you research, and ultimately buy, can be programmed by you to set the level of humidity you want in the rooms of your home. Some even will reset themselves to your pre-programmed settings even after the power goes out. This is an awesome feature. No muss, no fuss.

Portable dehumidifiers can easily be moved from room to room. Just do not try to move them with a full bucket or you will risk spilling the collected moisture.

Rule of thumb is that you want about a 50% humidity level in your home to be comfortable. You can set the dehumidifier to this level and in a couple of days that level should be achieved. Then the dehumidifier should cycle on and off to maintain that level.

Most dehumidifiers made today are equipped with an automatic shut off feature. This is essential if you are going to place your dehumidifier in a room with carpet or another type of flooring that should not get wet. When the collection chamber is full the unit will shut down until it is emptied.

If you have "gone green" you could probably use the water that is collected to water house plants or even your outside garden instead of pouring it down the drain. Use it to help fill up your rain barrel, or wash your car. Use your imagination, I am sure you could think of something to use the "free" water you get from your dehumidifier.

Keep your budget in mind. Dehumidifiers can cost from less than one hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the brand, model and size of the unit you want or need.

Just make sure that the dehumidifier you choose will handle the correct amount of square footage you need, too. If you move it from room to room the rooms need to be relatively the same amount of square footage to ensure proper dehumidification.

Anyone can get used to some noise in their homes, but if you don't have to then why do it. Constant noise can be annoying to some people and cause an undo amount of stress on them. Buying quiet dehumidifiers will not only decrease the humidity of your home but your stress level as well.


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