Medication For Cholesterol-When Diet Change And Exercise Dont Help

In some cases diet and exercise just aren't doing enough to get your cholesterol levels down to a safe point. When that is the case, you can ask your doctor for a medication for cholesterol.

If you need to get a medication for cholesterol there are some important facts you must know. For one thing, you may need more than one.

Many medications can also have some potentially serious side effects so it is very important you keep in contact with your doctor and follow all dosing instructions very carefully.

One of the most common type of drugs for controlling cholesterol are statins. These medications decrease the bad cholesterol, LDL, levels in the bloodstream.

The problem is that these drugs can have some serious side effects. You need to make sure you talk with your doctor about all these possible side effects.

You must fully understand all the side effects and what you need to keep track of.

One of the most common side effects is numbness in the hands and feet. This numbness can come and go but it can make many day to day activities very difficult.

Other common side effects associated with statins are dizziness and weakness. This is caused due to the lower blood pressure as a result of taking the medication.

Another possible side effect is heart trouble. Since statins can cause problems with muscles it stands to reason that that would include the heart since the heart is a muscle.

Statins can actually work to decrease the amount of Coenzyme Q 10 in the heart thus making it more vulnerable.

Sometimes memory loss is reported as a side effect of taking these cholesterol drugs.

And last, but not least, depression. Taking these drugs can sometimes cause individuals to suffer from depression.

I'm not a doctor and ultimately only you and your doctor can decide whether or not the possible dangers associated with taking these medications is worth it based on the possible improvement of your cholesterol levels.

In some cases, if your cholesterol levels are dangerously high, the benefits of getting a more healthy cholesterol level may far outweigh any possible side effects.

It is important that you are an active participant in your care and that you discuss the risks and possible rewards with your doctor prior to starting any type of medication.

Also, don't be shy about asking your doctor what other things you can do to try and get your cholesterol under control naturally.

There are herbal remedies that may be able to help you control your cholesterol without all the dangerous side effects.

Some doctors aren't familiar with these so you may need to find another type of doctor who can help you out.

Ideally, you have, or find, a doctor who is on board with you in terms of trying to use natural methods as much as possible for dealing with all your health issues.

You really don't want to have to constantly "fight" with your doctor but many of the medications today can cause a lot of unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects so it only makes sense to keep your consumption of these things to a minimum.

Work with your doctor to find out which medication for cholesterol is best for you.


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