Hypnosis for Insomnia

Beta brainwaves! Alpha brainwaves! What is all the fuss? Sufferers of insomnia have problems getting their Beta brainwaves into an Alpha state. So when the conscious mind is experiencing anger, conflict, fears, emotional upset, anxiety, and worry, the brain has a hard time processing. This can take over their minds which can not be shut off creating the inability to sleep. To make things even worse, these people begin to worry as soon as their day begins about being able to sleep later on that night and the more that they worry, the more difficult it becomes for them to sleep, and it is almost an obsession. Worrying about insomnia actually creates insomnia.

This is a behavior that can be changed but not alone. Your brain has to be taught to allow it to slip into an Alpha brain state and how to eliminate the triggers that stop it from allowing you to go into a deep sleep. Hypnosis is a very effective way for people to learn this retrained way of thought. It is a completely safe and effective option for those who do not wish to take pills.

Hypnosis changes the way that the subconscious mind works. There are hypnosis audio tapes that are available for people who suffer from insomnia to listen to while they are trying to sleep and while they are asleep. This taps into their inner subconscious and has a way of correcting the ill thoughts so that sound sleep can once again be restored.

Hypnosis usually begins with breathing techniques that are specifically designed to ensure that you are breathing correctly, then moves on to releasing the tension that your body is storing, hence making sleep impossible, and then suggestively taps into your subconscious while sort of pushing your conscious mind off to the side for a bit. Here is where it lays the foundation for future thinking and erasing whatever is causing you to associate negative thoughts with sleep.

Hypnosis works great in conjunction with learned relaxation. First you learn to relax your mind and then you learn how to relax your body. Hypnosis changes the way that your mind thinks. Imagine that someone tells you not to think about something, regardless of what that thing is, you will not be able to listen to what you were told, as a matter of fact whatever it was that you were instructed not to think about is now at the front of your mind and it is all that you can think about. That is similar to how it works with insomnia and hypnosis. There are some downloadable hypnosis techniques available online that also teach a person how to relax their mind and their body in a valid attempt to maintain a good nights sleep.

Many choose to actually visit a trained hypnotist while others make self help hypnosis audio tapes that are purchased online work for them. It is a matter of your thought process to and how bad you want hypnosis to work and how much you believe it will work as well.


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