Makeup To Hide The Wrinkles

You can find makeup to hide the wrinkles and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The products you already have, when applied correctly can help you diminish lines and wrinkles.

Most women start out with some sort of foundation. Did you know that HOW you put that foundation on is important to keeping it from caking in the corners of your eyes and making the creases around your mouth look deeper by the end of the day?

I have read that if you use a heavier foundation you should put it on and smooth it out with a damp make up sponge. This thins it out and not only makes it easier to spread evenly but it also goes on smoother so that it does not cake up or cause you to look ten years older by the end of the day instead of ten years younger.

Also, there are shading, highlighting and blending techniques you should learn so you can effectively use your makeup to hide the wrinkles and look and feel younger.

Some other suggestions, besides the one above, I have for you are:

1. Some women, I have found, use their concealer almost as a primer for the eye lid before applying any type of eye color. Concealer apparently can work to keep things looking smooth and even give you a softer eye look along with hiding those dark circles under your eye.

1. While doing your eyes, use earthier tones instead of bright colors and use the lighter of the three colors to highlight on your upper brow bone area. This will make your eyes seem more open and give you an instant eye lift.

2. Use less eyeliner on your lower eye lids and blend the eyeliner you use on your upper eye lids. Or do not use any on your lower eye lids especially for a nice clean day or playful look. Do this step only for when you go out at night.

3. Use the same highlighter color you used on your brow bone to highlight just under your cheek bones and under your neck. Just brush and blend evenly to make it look natural.

4. Stop using powders that can cake in the problem areas, as well.

So, if you are approaching the age of 50, and are noticing more of those fine lines around your eyes and mouth or have noticed that your skin is not as firm as it used to be, you may want to think about making some changes to your morning routine and learn a few new techniques to use when putting on your face every day.

Do not worry, these new techniques are not difficult to learn and may even cut your time in front of the mirror down some.

Do a search online and you will be inundated with myriad suggestions, articles, and videos on how to artfully apply your makeup to hide the wrinkles and continue to look years younger.


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One Response to Makeup To Hide The Wrinkles

  1. Venisha says:

    The key in covering skin texture like wrinkles is to keep everything with a light touch. Too much or too heavy makeup actually makes you look older, heavier, and harder.

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