Dry Shampoo – Shortcuts To Everyday Tasks

I guess that it's no surprise that our lives are busier today and we need to find shortcuts to our everyday tasks as much as possible. One of those everyday tasks is washing our hair. Sometimes it becomes necessary to take shortcuts and when that time comes you can turn to dry shampoo to help save the day.

The concept is simple, you apply a little of this powder to your hair, allow it to reach your scalp where it can soak up any excess oils, then you brush it out. Quick and simple.

There are many scenarios in life where having, and using, dry shampoo can be worthwhile. In this article I will give you some ideas of the convenience of this product as well as some pros and cons in regards to using these types of products.

1. For many of us, our days our very long. It simply isn't practical to run home after work, but before the gym, and then again before we meet our friends out for dinner and drinks. But that doesn't mean your look may not need to be freshened up a bit.

That is where the non water method for hair cleaning can come in so handy. The products themselves are light weight and very transportable so you can keep some in a purse, briefcase or gym bag.

Since you don't need water, all you need to do to make the most out of this product is to duck into the nearest rest room and spend a few minutes and suddenly, your look is fresh and clean.

2. One of the biggest pros, is what has been listed in the point above: convenience. You don't have to invest time to washing your hair. Of course, most of us (women at least) know it's not the washing that takes the time it's the drying and styling afterwards that is so time consuming.

So, being able to get the "just washed hair" look without the investment of time is a really nice time saver during the day. That is the biggest pro about this product.

3. The biggest con is the fact that this is only a short term fix. It just isn't the same as actually washing your hair. It is a great stop gap until you have more time, but it won't replace your daily or twice daily shampoo's.

There can also be the argument that your hair isn't really clean after a dry shampoo even though it may look and smell clean.

Some people may have a problem with this. They may prefer to invest the time and know that their hair is actually clean as opposed to just "freshened".

One other point in the "con" column is the fact that you need to be careful about allergies to a certain product that may result in a rash or sensitive area on the scalp.

Also, this product is a case of more may not be better. If you apply too much you may just look worse. It may leave a dusty residue on your hair or scalp that may make your hair look even dirtier than it did before you started!

Using dry shampoo can be a helpful time saver between shampoos but I would recommend that you try a few brands first to see which ones you like and make sure they don't irritate your scalp. Also, knowing how much to use is important so you may want to give it a dry run at home where you can rinse it out if you need to.


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