What Your Makeup Will Say About You

Have you ever thought about what your makeup will say about you to people who see you at work or just out on the street? We all want to look our best all the time but if you do not know how to apply your make up correctly you could be setting yourself up for ridicule.

You have to get to the point where you know just how much to wear for every occasion whether it be work, or play, or the office, or going out for a night on the town. The differences in wearing make up in all of these situations are subtle and mostly involve the eyes but there are still some other things you can do to look your best.

For instance, what do you think about what your makeup will say about you if you walk into work made up to the hilt with bright colors and lots of blush and lipstick? Well, short of thinking that you are moonlighting as a clown, your co-workers may think you could possibly be into another line of work, as well.

On another note, I know we've all seen her, that woman who, at first glance comes in and looks pretty good but then you start to look a little closer and she has not blended her make up beyond her jawline and you can see the line where she stopped. This is a big no-no!

Ladies, always remember to blend, blend, blend. You want to look your best but also want the make up you use to look as natural as possible. Earthy tones that match your coloring perfectly, blended well so the transition between one and the other is seamless but also highlights your best features is the best way to go.

Do not use so much eyeliner that no one can even see your eyes, and stay away from too bright or too dark colors. A little color with some shimmer is great for going out for a night on the town but never for the office. Keep the office make up as professional as possible.

You can use a little more eye make up for the office look than you do for a regular daytime look but still blend that eyeliner up onto the eyelid with the blending tip at the other end of the eyeliner pencil and just lightly apply your mascara.

If all you want is a daytime look then do not even use eyeliner on your bottom lid. Reserve the bottom lid only for that night out on the town.

Advice on lips is for a daytime look use a gloss that is the same shade as your regular lip color and for the office or night out on the town you should be using a color that is two shades darker than your regular lip color.

Follow these tips and others you may find in magazines or online and what your makeup will say about you is, she is one absolutely beautiful woman.


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