Health And Safety Concerns Of Botox

Botox is something that has been around for over a century, however it has only been used for cosmetic purposes for the past couple decades or so. As I am sure most everyone has heard about botox and how celebrities will use it to make themselves appear younger. Well not only celebrities, but millions of people world wide use botox injections to firm up their facial features and retain that youthful appearance.

But while botox is so popular, there are Health And Safety Concerns Of Botox that may ward some people away. Like any and all medical procedure there are risks. When it comes specifically to botox, the risks are generally considered minor and easily treated. It was due to these minor side effects that botox became so insanely popular.

Now you might be wondering what exactly is botox, and how it works. Well botox is actually short for botulinum toxin. This toxin acts as a sort of paralyzing agent for the muscles in your body. This is why it is able to remove the various lines and wrinkles of your face.

As we age, our facial muscles move in all sorts of ways to allow us to make expressions. As time wears on, these muscle movements cause the muscles to tense up and crease our skin. So when botox is injected it will paralyze the muscle groups so that they can relax and go back to the way they once were.

The fact that it paralyzes your muscles may lead to some Health And Safety Concerns Of Botox but needless to say, it is not as severe as it may sound. You can still move your face and form expressions, although maybe not quite as easily. Some people do report about having a sort of stiff face after getting a botox injection. However this is only temporary and will wear off as time goes on.

That is another part of the botox treatment. It is by no means permanent, so even if you do not like it you are not stuck with it. Since the proteins used in the toxin are absorbed into your body, the effects gradually diminish over time. A botox injection typically lasts for three to six months, then you will need to get another one to retain the effects.

This can be a bit of a pain, but it also means you are free to stop using it whenever you wish and not have to suffer with any undesired effects for very long.

As I have mentioned above, the Health And Safety Concerns Of Botox may ward some people off. While minor there are side effects, some of which can include red spots around the injections, headaches, droopy eyes, and more. There may also be allergic reactions to the toxin and it is strongly recommended that pregnant women do not take botox.

However even with these side effects botox is used safely and happily by millions of people, so if you are thinking about getting botox, talk to your doctor and see if it is truly the right thing for you.


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  1. Coco Chipper says:

    Nothing can stop wrinkles from naturally forming but nothing can also stop the popularity of Botox as a way to stop wrinkles. Though it has side affects, what else that doesn’t have one? But each day, efforts are being exerted to make unsafe things safe. You have a good post here.

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