Winsor Pilates

Mari Winsor, who is a 54 year old with the physique of a 20 year old, invented Winsor Pilates. Her body is lean and flexible unlike most people her age.

Mari Winsor made her form of Pilates for the use of the majority of the public. It is a modified low intensity version of the original Pilates.

The Winsor Pilates was created so anyone, even the frailest of health could do it. It is accessible as well as useful for anyone. This gives those people an improvement in health without any fancy requirements or methods.

It is said that because of the low impact of the Winsor Pilates, it can be used for rehabilitation. Of course, there are limitations, as you probably wont see someone with a broken bone home in front of their DVD player doing the Winsor Pilates.

It is important for those who want to do a program like Winsor Pilates while rehabilitating from an injury, that they first obtain permission from a physician.

It is also important that they go to a professional instructor to prevent damage or further injury.

Pregnant women must also take care when doing Pilates. Even the reformed Winsor Pilates are not designed for pregnant women.

During the third trimester, it is extremely important that Pilates not be done lying down. They can damage blood flow to the baby and cause serious problems.

All in all, except for pregnant women and the extremely ill, Winsor Pilates can benefit everyone. The exercises are easy on the bones and joint muscles.


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