5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Exercise Workouts

You may not know it but the way you exercise could affect Mother Nature. You can help save the earth even with your exercise workout practices. Here are some tips on how you can make your workout as earth-friendly as possible:

1. Why burn gas to go to the gym when you can exercise at home? There’s a reason why there is a slew of workout DVDs today and that is because more and more people find it inconvenient to hit the gym. Working out at home is easy and convenient. You can choose from many types of exercises that do not require equipment such as yoga, Pilates, lunges, squats and body weight training, or you can equip a home gym for your exercise workouts with weights.

2. Opt for “green” clothes and by green we mean eco-friendly! Organic cotton is a great choice because it is breathable and it does a good job in absorbing sweat. You can get sports bras, socks, yoga pants and shirts that are made of organic cotton practically everywhere. Workout clothes made of this material are a little expensive than regular cotton but they are definitely worth every penny.

3. Another way to make your training session earth friendly is by using recyclable or usable water bottles. By ditching water bottles, you are not only doing Mother Nature a favor but your local landfill as well. Buy a reusable water bottle that you can take with you when you go for a jog outside. Reusable water bottles are usually made of glass, plastic, aluminum or steel. Stop relying on bottled water. This step will require major changes in your habits but you’ll be glad you finally took the initiative.

4. If you like munching on energy bars for that extra boost of vigor but you hate to dump wasteful packaging in your trash bin, why not make your own? Aside from saving a little cash, you do not have to worry about food additives and preservatives. There is a ton of energy bar recipes that you can find online. What’s great about making your own is that you can customize them according to your taste. You can do the same with sports drinks. All you have to do is mix plain water (or any liquid like coconut water, herbal tea, etc.) with Himalayan salt, crushed calcium magnesium tablets, sweetener and fruit juice for flavor.

5. Did you know that you may be able to recycle your favorite cross-trainers into tracks, flooring and sports courts? If the program is available in your area, do your part and drop off your old pair of shoes to the nearest Nike Reuse-A-Shoe location.

We’re all trying to get the most from our exercise workouts and be as healthy as possible, so let’s try to be eco-friendly and keep our earth healthy too, shall we?


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Building Muscle After 40 – Not An Impossible Feat

Many men and women alike start going through a change when they hit 40 years old. They sit back and look at their life and would like to recoup some of their younger years back.

This is why they say people have a “mid-life crisis.” But this isn’t really a crisis as much as a reflection on life.

One aspect of their lives is their body. When they step back and start to look at their body, they realize that it can usually use some improvement. Many would like to add a little muscle, gaining a more youthful figure than what is there.

So they work on building muscle after 40 years of age, but come across a hurdle. It isn’t an easy feat like it used to be when you were in your 20’s and even your 30’s. In fact, building muscle after 40 years of age can be a physically painful process.

You can put on muscle once you reach your 40’s but it has to be done with a slower process. You can’t just hit the weights and expect your body to recoup as it did when you were younger.

Tips to start building muscle

Here are some tips to putting on the muscle that you desire, without feeling like you are walking around like an old man or woman all the time.

First of all, make sure that you warm up before each workout. A good 15 minutes is a must before taking on cardio or lifting any weights. What this does is increases your core temperature and the blood will get flowing for your workout ahead.

Be mindful of the amount of reps that you use as well. It needs to be in a higher range if possible. 8 reps is a good start, but even 12 reps all the way up to 15 reps will work better, but you are in a better position if you start off with 8 and work your way up to 15.

This is because if you use heavy weights and low reps, it will stress out your ligaments and joints in your older body and your muscles won’t be able to regroup quickly like they could whenever you were a youth.

Free weights or machine weights

Free weights and machine weights used together are also a help when you are working on building muscle after 40 years of age. When you were younger, you may have just used free weights. But your body is now in a weaker state, and your muscles don’t stabilize like they used to. So machine weights will lower your risk of injury.

It is important that you work on your form. When you are young, the body will forgive you, even if you are not lifting with correct form. But if you are older and don’t lift correctly, it can lead to injury.

It takes longer to recover, so you are going to need more rest than when you were a youth. This is going to be on a personal level, because each person is different. So it is up to you to determine how much rest you are going to need.

Cardiovascular is Important

Make sure that you put in some cardio because anyone that is past the age of 40 is going to have a slower metabolism than when they were younger. If you have regular sessions of cardio, then it will build up your metabolism, helping you to build up your muscle.

Building muscle after 40 years of age isn’t an impossible feat. With the right cardio, the proper amount of reps coupled with both free and machine weights, as well as rest, you can reach your goal of building muscle, even though you are past the bloom of youth.

About The Author, Kevin Redman…
Kevin is a qualified Strength Coach and he also holds a Degree in Human Movement Science, with a Major in Exercise Science. With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry Kevin combines his knowledge, his no-nonsense approach and cutting edge methods to produce lasting results for many individuals, athletes and local teams he has worked alongside. For more help from Kevin, be sure to check out all the powerful muscle-building help he has for you on his Muscle Building Over 40 website.

Also, be sure to follow Kevin on Facebook, Pinterest and https://twitter.com/muscleover40 for even more help!


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Natural Body Building

In the sport of body building, there are many supplements that can be used to grow muscles quickly, but many of these substances are man-made like steroids. Natural body building is done without the benefit of artificial substances being put into the body. That doesn't mean not using body building supplements as many of these are natural products. What it means is staying away from man-made hormones and steroids to aid in building body mass.

The body building industry has taken a very firm stance on the use of illegal and artificial substances – especially in competitions. There are even specific contests geared toward natural body builders. Most competitions will test participants prior to allowing them to compete, and if someone is found to have an illegal substance in their body, they are banned from participating.

While synthetic products will grow your body very quickly, they can have horrible side effects. The trend toward natural body building is about growing your body, maximizing your nutritional intake, as well as staying healthy while you are growing your muscles.

When you decide that natural body building is the route you want to go, it's important that you get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that will maximize your workout sessions. That means taking a multi-vitamin and eating properly in ways that will send muscle building proteins to the right parts of your body.

It is more than possible to grow your body naturally through an effective weight training program coupled with good nutrition. There is no reason why steroids or growth hormones need to be introduced into the body for ultimate muscle mass.

One of the key components of a natural body building program is to eat healthy and maintain a positive mindset when it comes to your workout program. Supplements are also important when you want toned, fit muscles. The ingredients in supplements like creatine and glutamine are naturally produced in the human body anyway. What the supplements do is increase or enhance those substances that are naturally there anyway.

Proponents of natural body building will agree that an effective workout program coupled with effective supplements and nutrition can make for a healthy, toned body. Natural body building is definitely the way to go if your goal in a body building program is to get healthy and feel good. Steroids and growth hormones should be avoided at all costs.

Body building the natural way is best for everyone. Steroids are not. Don't take the chance that you will suffer ill effects from steroid use. Just know that a strong workout program and a commitment to your body building goals will grow your body in a natural way not an artificial way.


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Insulin in Body Building

Insulin is a natural hormone that is secreted from the pancreas in response to high sugar levels. Its main use is to regular sugar levels in the body. The use of insulin in body building is a controversial subject as using it is constituted as steroid use and it is used to enhance a body building workout.

When blood sugar levels are high, insulin works to increase the storage of glucose which provides energy to the body. The benefit of insulin use in body building is to provide more energy which allows for longer and more intense workouts. While insulin does make for a conducive anabolic environment in the body, it can truly do more harm than good.

Diabetics are not able to produce their own insulin which is why they must either take synthetic insulin or control their insulin production through diet. If you are not a diabetic, taking insulin when you don't need it will cause your pancreas to stop producing it naturally. What is the end result of that? You will essentially become a diabetic.

Unfortunately, in the body building world, insulin is readily available if you just ask for it. It is taken in the form of a shot once a day and is often used to "bulk up" before body building competitions by hardcore body builders.

The insulin will "force feed" the muscles with sugar. An increase in sugar will allow for longer workout time before you are exhausted, but it will also cause harm to your natural insulin producing abilities.

We do not in any way endorse the use of any artificial substances in your body building program. You should strive for a healthy body when you start working out. Introducing substances like insulin into your body in amounts that your body can't take will do more harm than good.

For a diabetic, insulin use is necessary. It saves their lives and allows them to live a normal lifestyle with their disease. When insulin is used in body building, serious complications can arise that can affect your ability to even continue in this sport that you probably love. You shouldn't take chances with your health – no matter what your body building goals are.

Insulin use in body building can lead to some serious health problems including coma, elevated blood pressure, and an increase in your respiratory rate. When you use insulin as a body building supplement, you are seriously risking your health and well-being.


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Hardcore Body Building

The sport of body building, for many people, can be quite hardcore. By that, we mean it can be intense and all-consuming. But another way to look at hardcore body building is gaining mass and muscle tone in a natural way without the benefit of artificial hormones such as steroids.

Some people who are really into body building think of the sport as hardcore in and of itself. Building body mass and toning muscles involve hard work and dedication. Hardcore body building is having a commitment to shaping the best body possible with hard work and sweat.

It's easy for hardcore body builders to fall into the trap of obsession with the sport. They want to be the biggest and the best. The quickest way to achieve this is to take synthetic steroids or growth hormones. However, hardcore body building doesn't have to involve these substances. You can still grow your body without them.

Body building is a whole body and mind experience that focuses on training specific muscle groups and growing those muscles to often extreme proportions. This is achieved through a proper diet, a safe workout plan, and a mentality that lends itself to hardcore growth.

There are natural supplements on the market for the hardcore body builder that are safe to take and will allow amazing growth of muscles with the right weight lifting regimen. You have to be dedicated, you have to stick with it, and above everything else, you need to know how to perform the exercises correctly.

Body building as a sport creates beautiful, well-sculpted bodies in the men and women who are willing to work hard for their physiques. When you undertake a weight lifting program, you will want to pay special attention to the way your muscles respond to the weights and feel the resistance that the weights provide.

The old adage "No pain, no gain" really applies in hardcore body building. You must push yourself and your body if you are interested in sculpting a well-toned body. However, you must also be aware of your limits and not push too hard as you can cause injury to your body.

The sport of body building can be quite hardcore if you want it to be. If you are interested in becoming a hardcore body builder, you must pay special attention to each muscle group on your body and work it until it is toned and defined. Hardcore body building is not only a sport, it's molding a beautiful body.


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Female Body Building

While body building has long been considered a man's sport, more and more females are starting to take an interest in their bodies from a muscular standpoint. Female body building is big business these days, one that can help the "fairer sex" healthy and toned like their male counterparts.

Some women are hesitant to undertake a body building program because they don't want to look bulky and beefy. The truth is that women are not able to get as bulked up as men. Men naturally have a larger amount of testosterone in their bodies that women don't have. That testosterone makes their muscles develop differently, so females need not worry about that bulky look.

The advantages for females in body building are far-reaching. Many women want their bodies to look and feel good. When you workout, you are strengthening your muscles and your mind as well. When the world ideal of a woman's body is that of a thin, waif-like being, body building for a great body can be a great way to combat that image perception.

Starting a body building program will help tone the female body and make it stronger. Aesthetically, you will look healthier and symmetrical when you have a toned body with well-defined muscles. There's nothing better looking than a well-defined female body.

Female body building uses much of the same processes as male body building. Women can use the same exercises such as squats, dead lifts, and bench presses. A good cardio workout is also necessary in a body building program. Women should focus on the muscles that they want to tone such as thighs and buttocks as well as arms and abs.

Nutrition is also very important for men as well as women body builders. A good, balanced diet with lots of protein and carbohydrates will help tone the body and make growing muscles easier in the process. Women do have slightly different nutritional needs than men such as needing more iron in the diet, so a good multi-vitamin can help any female in her body building program.

Sculpting a beautiful body doesn't have to be restricted to men when it comes to body building. Female body building is getting much more popular as women strive to be more beautiful as well as healthier. You'll look better, feel better, and be better when you undertake a body building program.

Female body building isn't about bulking up, it's about getting healthy and looking great. When you build a great body with well-defined muscles, it will be well-worth the effort when you look in the mirror.


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Body Building

The sport of body building has grown steadily in popularity over the years. From its heyday in the 1970's to now, technological advances as well as nutritional advances have made body building a sport that focuses on the art of the human body and what is possible when it is pushed.

Body building is more than just lifting weights, however. To have an effective body building program, you have to focus on many different things – especially if you are serious about your goals. In fact, setting goals can be one of the most important parts of an effective body building program. What do you want to accomplish when you start body building? Keep your goal always at the forefront of your mind so you don't get off track.

A serious body building routine is also very much about your diet and nutritional choices. Body building requires a lot of energy. We get energy from calories that we consume. Our muscles also respond to other nutrients such as protein and fats to bring growth hormones to the muscles we want to strengthen and tone. A proper diet is very important in any body building program.

Another huge aspect of a workout routine is to get plenty of rest. When you begin lifting weights and working out to build your body, you will be doing a small amount of damage to your muscles. When your body is in a sedentary state during sleep, your muscles will work to repair themselves and grow in the process.

You must have a balanced body building workout routine in order to focus on certain muscle groups and grow your entire body. You'll need to include not only weight lifting, but a cardio workout is also important. The entire body needs to be healthy and that includes your heart. When you have a strong heart muscle, you'll be able to workout more effectively.

A positive mindset can be one of THE most important parts of a body building program. It's easy to give up when you start to push yourself. Remember why you want to start the whole thing in the first place and be positive that you will be able to do it. Staying positive can push you even more than you thought possible.

Body building is so much more than just performing exercises and lifting weights to get big. You have to concentrate on your whole body – not just the muscles. When you start a body building program, know what these components are and then focus on your goals as you workout. You will grow your mind right along with your body, and that can be the most satisfying part of all.


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Body Building for a Woman

Men aren't the only ones who can build a great body. Body building for a woman is a great way to lose weight, get fit, and look great. An effective body building program won't make a woman look muscular necessarily. This is one reason why many women hesitate to start lifting weights and exercise intently. What a good body building program for a woman will do is sculpt a beautiful body that you can be proud of.

Body building in general started gaining popularity in the 1970's after the release of the movie "Pumping Iron" starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar. It was about this time that the women's liberation movement began rising in popularity as well. As women started standing up for their rights, they also began to exercise their options to do what men were doing – and that included body building.

Now, there are two categories of body building women: those who work for health and those who work for competition. Of course, any body building program for a woman will have great health benefits, but those who want to compete will find themselves working in a different way.

Many women hesitate to start a body building program because they don't want to look like male body builders with huge muscles and oversized shoulders and legs. But women are different from men in that they cannot naturally produce the huge amount of testosterone that men have which contributes to large muscles in men.

Body building for a woman is more about sculpting muscles to look toned and strong – not to become large and massive. It can happen for those women who choose to use illegal substances such as steroids. But body building for a woman who chooses the healthy route will simply make a chiseled body that looks and feels great.

Many people think the female body is naturally a work of art, but it's easy to get off track with the stresses of every day life – especially for women. They are expected to hold to a pre-conceived ideal of what a woman is supposed to look like. But every woman is different just as every woman's body is different.

Body building for a woman can make her more confident, feel better about herself, and look great in the process. Many people think that the strong, chiseled muscles that female body builders have IS the ideal of what a woman is supposed to look like. Getting healthy and staying healthy is important for everyone. Body building for a woman can help get her there and stay there.


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Body Building for Males

When you start a body building program, be aware that this has generally always been a male sport. That doesn't mean that females can't be body builders, but male body building has always been the norm. The reasons are far reaching actually.

Males naturally produce a large amount of testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone lends itself to longer, more intense workouts. It's a natural part of male body building. Testosterone makes men more aggressive, and as a result, they are able to work out more intensely. That means their muscles work harder and grow larger because of their body building program.

When the talk begins to turn toward male body building, it's natural to speak of body building supplements. Many males can benefit from body building supplements just as many females can. However, because of the male anatomy as well as the naturally produced hormones by men, they can benefit much more by adding supplements to their workout programs.

Males are better able to focus on body building because of their natural constitutions. Their muscles are just waiting to be worked to the point of toned as opposed to females. That's not to say that females are not able to work out with the same intensity as males. What it means is that men grow differently that women do and so do their muscles.

When males are undertaking a body building program, they need to keep in mind a few specific points. Among these include maintaining an adequate diet that will give you the vitamins and minerals that you need to bring the nutrition to your muscles that will help you to build muscle mass.

An effective male body building program also needs lots of rest as well as lots of water intake. You need to hydrate yourself along with your muscles to make sure that the water works for the good of your workout.

Body building for males means working muscles beyond what you ever thought they could do. As a male, you are naturally able to build your muscles because of the hormones that you produce. That makes you at an advantage over the women, but not always. The effectiveness of a workout depends on how hard you work your muscles and how you concentrate your energy.

Body building for males requires you to concentrate on certain muscle groups so that you can make some huge muscle mass. If that is your goal as a male body builder, then by all means, pursue it! Male body building means making a gorgeously toned body while becoming fit and trim at the same time.


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Body Building for Fitness

People undertake the sport of body building for all sorts of reasons, but fitness is probably the biggest one of all. There's no doubt that people who take the time to focus on the muscles in their body and honing them to a chiseled state are probably among the most fit of athletes. We can easily use the terms body building and fitness interchangeably with each other.

We are a fitness conscious society, and body building fits in nicely with that concept. Fitness means more than just losing weight and having a trim body. It means living a healthy lifestyle and chiseling the best body you can through a variety of methods.

Body building for fitness is a great way to become the person you've always wanted to be. Because becoming an effective body building means having the proper diet, you will realize a level of fitness you never knew was possible. You should eat a well-balanced nutrition plan that gives you the nutrients you need to have a great body.

Because you are eating in this way, you will be giving your body essential nutrients that will make you healthy just by consuming them. Body building requires a very specific diet with lots of protein and lots of carbohydrates. Body builders are also very aware of what they are putting in their body, so fitness is achieved in the diet just by concentrating on what you eat.

Body building also requires a demanding workout schedule where you lift weights and perform exercises that focus on specific muscle groups as well as specific muscles. When you begin to chisel those muscles, they become very well defined and healthier. That's why body building is great for a fitness regime.

Fitness is very important in living a healthy and full lifestyle. Staying fit both in body and mind contributes to a sense of well-being that you won't find when you are neglecting your health. It is a million dollar industry that helps us stay fit and trim, and the help is out there aplenty when you look for it.

Body building for fitness is the best way you can go about not only losing weight but also gaining body mass and becoming stronger. When you achieve the level of fitness you are desiring, you will be able to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. Why? Because you did it yourself and you did it for YOU!


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