Body Building Competitions

When you are serious about body building, the next logical step is to enter a body building competition. You've worked hard to sculpt the perfect body, there's no reason why you shouldn't want to stand up next to others who have worked just as hard and have an impartial third party decide who has the best body.

Keep in mind that body building competitions can be very intense events and the competition can be just as difficult. You have worked to make sure your muscles are as toned as you think they can get and you have prepared for the contest, but you need to be at the top of your game when you enter the competition.

What's important in body building competitions? Actually, there's a lot involved.

To begin with, be sure you have a nice, deep, dark tan. That means going to a tanning bed many weeks before the contest. If you're not comfortable with a tanning bed, you'll need a spray-on tan the day before the contest. Be aware, however, that many spray-on tans could make you have an orange cast. What you are striving for is a dark look that will make your muscles pop out.

You will need to put some serious thought into the type of music you use for your posing routine. You will want to have music that gets the crowd excited and pumped up as much as you are. If you have music that contributes to your poses, you will most likely be a winner.

The biggest image of body builders in the mind of the general public is that of a greased up guy who is flexing freaky looking muscles. Some body building competitions prohibit the use of oils on the bodies of participants. Be sure you know the rules before you start competing. But be aware that oils can make the muscles stand out in a much bigger way. Follow the rules of the competition that you are in.

You will need to be sure that you are wearing something that will show off ALL of your muscles. However, use caution. If you are a man, a skimpy swim suit will do just fine – much like that is made by Speedo. For women, you will want to wear a bikini in a body building competition, but be sure it's tasteful. It's not "Girls Gone Wild", so make sure you promote your professionalism.

Body building competitions are great places to showcase a body that you've worked hard to make beautiful. Don't have unrealistic expectations, but get in it to win it! You deserve it!


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