Double Chin Exercises

Having the perfect body is one of those unrealistic desires that is constantly thrust upon us by the media. They show us images of buff bodybuilders and skinny supermodels then act as though such people are the norm, but let's get real! All you really want is to look better and maybe drop a few pounds. Having fat around your neck and chin is unsightly, but the good news is that there are some double chin exercises that can help.

Before we get started, you need to know that there are two main types of double chin exercises: those that directly target the chin and surrounding areas, and those that reduce overall fat. The first type work to strengthen and tone the underlying muscles, and the second type help to get rid of the fat. The reason overall fat loss is important to getting rid of a double chin is that you can't simply burn fat in one specific location; instead, your body chooses where you will lose fat first, and that may or may not be in your chin.

It's important to exercise your neck because it helps to support the chin. A simple and effective exercise for strengthening the neck is shoulder shrugs. Simply stand up with your spread at a comfortable distance. Put a dumbbell in each hand (don't make it too heavy if it's been a while since you've exercised) and hold your arms down by your sides. Now slowly shrug your shoulders as high as you can get them and hold that position for one to three seconds. Slowly lower your arms back to their starting position. Do three sets of ten repetitions each. Double chin exercises don't get much easier than this.

You can also do a chin stretch, which some people find to be relaxing. Slowly tilt your head backwards as far as it safely goes (don't overdo it!). Then slowly open and close your mouth. You should feel you chin and neck stretch each time your mouth closes. Three sets of twenty reps should give you the results you're looking for.

The other double chin exercises are those that help you to lose fat all over your body. Aerobic exercises burn the most calories while you are doing them and give you faster results. These are the types of exercises that make you breathe heavier, make you sweat and get your heart pumping. The other type of exercise is resistance training which builds muscle. The cool thing about muscle is that it burns calories even while you're at rest. Aerobic and resistance exercises each have their benefits, so be sure to do both of them.

As you can see, double chin exercises come in several forms. The more of them you do, the faster you will see the results that you want. Of course there are many more exercises than the ones we have covered here, so don't limit yourself to these few.


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