Teens And Binge Eating-It Affects Any Age Group

Bingeing is a term that is sometimes used jokingly as a way of eating an excess of certain foods out of fun. But for some, the term is a dark reminder of a problem that tends to consume and completely run their lives. Even though the condition can affect any age group, research is showing that teens and binge eating is on the rise.

So how does this happen? In essence, it is often a response to a traumatic or life-altering event. Fueled by depression, anxiety or any number of other emotions, the body retreats into itself and looks for consolation in the only area that it deems will not let it down: food.

Unlike friends, parents or teachers, these individuals feel that food is a constant that never criticizes or judges. People with this condition also feel that food does not inflict punishment. But that could not be further from the truth. Consuming large amounts of unneeded calories leads to becoming overweight, obesity and a host of other complications. As the person continues to gain weight, their emotions retreat and they turn to food for relief- thus continuing the cycle.

It is important for those around these individuals to be able to identify when teenagers are struggling with this affliction. There are telltale signs that something is definitely wrong. For instance, the individual may be putting on weight, but it appears that their eating habits have not changed. This is because they are consuming a majority of their food intake in private.

These people will often hide food in their rooms, lockers, cars or any other place where they can get quick access to it without anyone else being around. This gives them easy access to food whenever the mood strikes them- even between meals. Since the hidden foods cannot be refrigerated it leads to the type of food that can be stashed in a room or other secret locations. As a result, these foods are generally high in fat, carbs, and calories, which further complicates the issue.

If someone feels that there is a problem with teens and binge eating they should talk to them immediately. This is a serious condition and should never be left to speculation as it can evolve into much more serious concerns. With several million individuals in the U.S. suffering from this condition it is something, unfortunately, that will not correct itself.


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