Hydration And Flu-Getting Over It And Moving On

When you catch the flu the main thing on your mind is getting over it and getting back on with your life. There are a lot of ways out there to help your body fight off the flu and get on the road to a speedy recovery. One of those things being Hydration and flu. But keeping yourself hydrated when you have the flu may not be as simple as you might think.

People will always tell you to drink plenty of water, but there are many individuals out there who simply do not like the taste of plain water and this makes getting the fluids you need more difficult. But just because it is more difficult does not mean it is impossible as there are a lot of alternate sources you can go to to get the water you need.

1. This is not about adding water to your body, but about preventing it from being taken out. Cut out drinks that actually drain water from your body. Many drinks out there will actually drain the water from your body because they are filled with ingredients that absorb water. Common examples being soda or alcohol. So if you are trying to keep in mind that Hydration and flu go hand in hand, then make sure you cut out these types of drinks.

2. Food is one viable option for getting the water you need when you have the flu. Various fruits and vegetables often contain high amounts of water. This coupled with their other beneficial properties makes them even better to eat when you are sick. Oranges, for example, are rich in Vitamin C which can help boost the immune system. They also have a high water content, so not only is it helping your immune system, but it is keeping you hydrated at the same time.

For those of you out there who do not necessarily like eating raw fruit, you can always try creating a fruit shake by blending them up. This makes it more of a treat and retains all the nutrition and water.

3. Another alternative to drinking water is to drink sports drinks. Things like gatorade are specially designed to be low in calories and harmful additives like soda is. They are often packed with other helpful things like electrolytes to help keep your body hydrated and healthy. So if water just is not your thing, then sports drinks can provide a great alternative to keeping your Hydration and flu in balance.

When it comes to the flu, hydration is one of the most important parts. The flu has a lot of symptoms that can cause you to lose a lot of fluid, such as vomiting, which is why it is so important to keep your water intake high during these times.

But sometimes people just do not like drinking plain water. If you are one of these people, then you still have alternatives. But always keep in mind that these alternatives are never as good as the real thing, and if you really want to get over your flu as soon as possible, you should just toughen up and drink water, that way you can get on with your life much faster.


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