Shy Teenage Dating – Expect To Be Accepted

Teenage years are not always a picnic. We all know that this transitional period of life can be very stressful for many. Dating is just one of those challenging times as a teen and shy teenage dating is even more stressful. Trying to meet and date others if you are shy isn't an impossible situation, it just takes a little extra effort and knowledge.

One of the first things you can do is to make sure you try to change your mindset from expecting to be rejected to expecting to be accepted. Try to make sure you have as much self esteem as possible. That may sound easier said than done, but it really is possible. It's really all about your mindset. First of all, acknowledge that you are a little insecure, than be more aware of each and every instance where you are feeling unsure and insecure.

Then take it slow. Sometimes it can be easier to "approach" someone online. This can be a great way to break the ice. It is easy and far less intimidating to get to know someone online. Once you have talked online for a while first, and if things are going well, the two of you might want to meet in person. Of course, this is dependent upon getting your parents permission first.

This can be one way to ease into shy teenage dating. Another thing that may help is to just be yourself. Everyone gives this advice and it sounds like it should be easy advice to follow, but in reality it can be really hard for anyone who is shy and a little insecure.

The truth is that you have some good qualities. You may have a good sense of humor, you will know if you do because your family and friends will tell you that all the time. Just try to relax and take it easy and… be yourself.

Another tip to help make dating a little easier if you are shy is to spend as much time as possible with people of the opposite sex. Not as dates but as friends. It may sound silly but many people are shy around members of the opposite sex so taking some time to get to know several and learning to be comfortable talking to them can be a great way to go. It may make you a little more comfortable on your next date.

Another thing is don't expect perfection. If you do something embarrassing, laugh. Don't go overboard but make a little joke about it, laugh about it and then move on. If you stop to realize that everyone on the planet has said or done something stupid many times in their life, you will realize that that "perfect" guy or girl sitting across from you has made mistakes too. Don't let it ruin your whole evening. If you do you will be making a much bigger deal over it than they would. Just laugh and move on.

I know, shy teenage dating is a challenge. But it is not an insurmountable obstacle. Just try to keep things in perspective and not take it too seriously and you will be fine.


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