Healthy Dating-Can Be Controled By You

If you are tired of all the unhealthy relationships you have had in the past and want to know what a healthy dating experience is really like then keep reading. The dating world can be very competitive and frustrating. You keep getting stuck with all these losers, right?

How do you fix that? There are many reasons that make dating as frustrating as it is and one of those reasons is that we forget that the magic has to end. It can't be sustained like when you first meet and fall in love, that is impossible. It might be nice for the first few months but the "honeymoon" has to end sometime especially if the relationship lasts.

Do not get me wrong I think the special feelings that new relationship bring are great and I also wish they would have lasted but as you get to know one another and settle into a routine things get to be familiar and those first magical feelings turn into contentment, which is a pretty good feeling in itself.

Contentment means that you are safe and warm and protected. If you have been hurt before you will not be ever again, this is the person who will do anything they can to make your life easier and more fulfilled. This is the love of your life. And it all started with healthy dating.

You set things up so you would start attracting better quality people. Losers be gone! Once you did that dating became easier and more fun. Even if the first date didn't result in a second date you still had fun. Why? because you kept your expectations under control and didn't read too much into the date. Too many people expect that just because there is an initial attraction that that person is "the one", and that is not always the case.

Keep your expectations in check and just be yourself and have fun. That's what dating is all about. Being realistic does not mean, however that you have to close your heart, quite the contrary it will allow you to keep your heart and mind open to all possibilities. But if your head is not in the clouds then you stay grounded and realistic. You see things for what they really are and not some imagined knight in shining armor or sleeping princess you must awaken with a kiss.

Life is not a fairy tale, although love can seem to start out that way, it won't end up that way. That is where the contentment we spoke of earlier comes in. Some people see contentment as settling for something less than they are truly worth but like I said, contentment means you never have to be afraid of anything ever again, you have a partner that has your back no matter what.

Getting a relationship worth having is the result of healthy dating. You met, let things go with the flow and ended up happier than you ever thought you could be or even had the right to be. Feels good. doesn't it?


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