Upcoming FAME Fitness Events in Las Vegas and Iceland

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Upcoming FAME Fitness Events in Las Vegas and Iceland

The FAME World Tour continues to grow internationally – two new Fitness And Modeling Expo events have been announced, this time in Las Vegas and Iceland.

Upcoming FAME World Tour Events in Las Vegas and Iceland

The FAME World Tour continues to grow, with new 2012 fitness events announced for Las Vegas and Iceland!

FAME, the Fitness And Modeling Expo World Tour founded by Mindy Blackstien & Jeffrey Kippel, was one of the pioneers in the natural fitness field, and its popularity just keeps growing all these years later. Two new fitness events have just been announced for Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and Keflavik, Iceland.

Miss Unity America 2012 – Las Vegas
The Miss Unity America 2012 event is at the Circus Circus Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas on July 21st, 2012. Event organizer Wendy Lamont says the event is “ideal for those who have recently gone through a full body transformation, resolved a health issue, and all those who focus on their fitness with pride or participate in athletic sports to stay active and fit. Miss Unity events are for people who have chosen to improve their health or overall fitness. It’s for people who are BodyProud and who are eager to share their accomplishments or keys to their success.”

For information on the Miss Unity and Mr. Unity categories, to get more information about the show or to register for the event, see the Miss Unity 2012 FAME World Tour page.

FAME World Tour Iceland 2012 – Keflavik, Iceland
The FAME World Tour Iceland 2012 event is being held at the Andrews Theater in Southern Peninsula Iceland – Keflavik – on the 29th of September. For details see the Iceland 2012 page or contact the event organizer.

Event organizer Christopher M. Shaddock says the event “… will be more than just getting onstage and flexing muscles. FAME/BodyProud Iceland will have a Transformation category. A category for the everyday person who made a transformation to their body. In other words losing weight, becoming healthier, having more energy, wanting to sport a bikini, or fitting into that dress you had your eye on, etc. Getting onstage and sharing your journey of how you made that change to be BodyProud!”

As huge fans of the FAME/BodyProud movement and all that Jeff & Mindy have done for natural fitness worldwide, we here at Flirting With Fitness want to wish Wendy Lamont and Christopher M. Shaddock the best of luck in their events, and encourage all of our readers to get out to any and all FAME World Tour events you can attend – it’s always a great show!

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